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A Little Bit of Everything

There’s so much to say, so much to write, so much to share…! It’s not random though, it’s about a little bit of everything.

Life is cruel, and at the same time it’s beautiful. We all know that. We all have things to talk about but sometimes we are bound to share them, either because our parents stop us, or the words don’t come out right so we prefer to stay quiet, or we don’t want to say them because the people we love can get hurt. These harsh realities…till when?

People are weird, and sometimes the best. We know a lot about them and sometimes don’t understand them at all. Either because sometimes they don’t tell us who they really are, or start taking us for-granted because we give them so much love that they start taking it easy, or sometimes just because that’s how humans are born to be. These awkward moments…till one?

Moments bring changes, and sometimes stay mundane. We get bored and excited at the same time. We live in the present but think about the past. We want to run ahead in the future but the presence of present don’t let us. These weird thoughts…till when?

Our aims vary. Sometimes, we spend our lives doing one thing and then comes a moment when we realize that we were not born to do that. There are people who are doctors but like to write, and some are actors but are born to paint, others being journalists live an introvert’s life. I myself wanted to be something, studied  something, and became something else. These confusions…till when?

There are times when you want to share your thoughts but the voices in your surroundings bound us to raise our voices. They stop you, or maybe you feel like they’re not worth being told of what you really want to do or whom you’re born to be. These misunderstandings…till when?

Honestly, one thing that I’ve realized is that we’re on our own in this world. Nobody is going to be there for us in our tough time no matter how much they love us or even claim to be ours all our life! People think that they will stay together forever but after spending decades, they separate. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Why living for someone who takes you for-granted? Why doing things for those who don’t even care? One should be just clean in their heart. Humans are not born to keep their hearts pure. There’s always that selfishness, that meanness, that stubbornness, and that pride… Why to be bothered when you’ve a big life yet you don’t know when it’s going to end? Why making a hard life harder by being disgraced over nothing? No more questions… Standing by your own side will definitely make you happy. And that’s the purpose of life.

-Tears inside. It’s too hard to say…!


9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

      1. You don’t have enough idea about how hurt i am :p but i guess no person in the world is immune to this…


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