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For the Love of Love.


Falling in love is very easy but staying in it needs way too much than what we think. Commitment is a big thing in today’s world and not everyone desires to stay in life long commitments. Ideas change, personalities change and so do the people.

But here I will talk all about love for the sake of love. Just so positive! 🙂

Love is harsh and yet so beautiful. Love causes troubles but keeps the soul alive. With love in ones heart, you sometimes cross the worst limits but that can lead you to just another beautiful world. You seek beauty and find hatred, you fascinate the hatred and compose a song, you sing that song and get to love it, and for the love of that, you fall in love! But that doesn’t end. You change a little and then all of a sudden.

Yes, it’s that hard, yet so beautiful.

When distances come, you feel hurt and that’s the moment when you realize that you have a heart and it aches with pain, you have emotions that really work, you are a human being with a soft heart. Isn’t it amazing?

If the pain that we get in love makes us strong, why not admire it and ask for some more? You learn to compromise, and that’s what a human should do, right? You bend and sometimes get stiff, but that’s what shows how strong or weak can you be for the sake of love. Isn’t it just so great?

You learn to live together and then all of a sudden get apart. It brings tears, really bad ones at times, but doesn’t that show that you’re too sensitive? Isn’t being sensitive good? You won’t harm the world at least. You won’t think to give pain to someone else ever, isn’t it a blessing?

I’ll just stop here and let you think the rest… 🙂


-Please don’t go, so far far away.




6 thoughts on “For the Love of Love.

  1. “Isn’t being sensitive good? You won’t harm the world at least”
    This. I’m so glad I have someone who thinks just the way I do, on this topic(and many others too) 😀
    Very well written and full of optimism!


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