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That Broken Heart

I don’t wanna say anything and yet I have so much to say. This heart is going to burst and will leave the broken shattered pieces inside me hurting my soul.

It’s a broken heart, not a joke.

I wish I was dust, I would’ve flown with the winds and been lost.

I wish I was an ocean drop, drained in the oceans and never found.

All I want now is to vanish.

These feelings, these are the worst feelings.

Is there anything worse than a broken heart?

Listen, anyone?

I have no idea what I am going through but the worst feeling ever in life is when you don’t like yourself. The lump in your throat don’rt let you talk. You smile and want to cry. You can’t share because you’re bound. You can’t speak because you’re too broken to say even a single word. You wish for death and it doesn’t come. What a weird moment!

Last night wish: Can’t life be a little tougher and harder so that it can kill me all of a sudden?

-Don’t judge! I am okay.


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