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In the Middle of the Night


iClick by Arsh

Has it ever happened with you that at one moment you love someone and then you start thinking to leave that someone and then all of a sudden you realize that it’s not possible ? Like ever 😶


Have you been in a situation where you wanna say the right things but they come out wrong and all you end up with is a big mess? 😐


There are things that you want to be understood rightly but then you get to know that you’ve been taken in a complete opposite way and hence you become confused about your own existence 😳
You’re the strongest person at one moment and at the same time, the most broken and shattered person from within that nobody else can see but you 😑


And this hurts the most.


Yes, it’s the middle of the night, let’s say, almost morning, and I am up, writing a messed up fiction and don’t even know why 😏

Don’t judge me. I am normal 😷

Weird and awkward moments…


Laugh it out 😂


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