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Too Many Questions


iClick by Arsh
Why do I feel like something will do us apart from each other? Why do I feel like we’re not meant to be together? Why do I feel like I shouldn’t have been fallen for you in the first place? Why do I feel like nobody wants us to be on each other’s side? Why do I feel like there are way too many misunderstandings between us? Why do I feel like you’re gonna leave me too the way I was left in the past? Why do I feel like there’s no one for me in this world? Why do I feel like I’m not meant to live on this planet? Why do I feel like I should take my life away so that nobody complains ever again? Why am I so stressed? Why do I take these things to heart so easily? Why don’t I think even once and just rush to the conclusions  because that’s what happens in the end? Why are there no happy endings ever in life? Why are we even together when I know it’s not going to last? Why does everyone hate me so much and want you to stay away? Why am I that bad in people’s eyes? 

Why the hell am I being judged all the time? Why can’t one just think for a single moment that I’m a human and I’ve a heart too and that it can stop beating some day due to a lot of pressure.

-I wish life was a little easier. Or I just wish I was not so sensitive and insecure. 


24 thoughts on “Too Many Questions

    1. This is so not gonna happen. The thing is, if you love someone, you’re not meant to be separated. Do your best to make it last. Never leave just because you feel like this relationship is not going to go long. Why don’t we just make struggle to prove ourselves wrong? Good people are hard to find and sticking to them is the best one can do because if you see around, you won’t find it easy to live without that person. Parting away from someone is not gonna make you happy 🙂

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      1. y heed to in all these years of my living.

        Every bonding is hard enough, trying to force a relationship out of someone, who is intimately impaired, is foolhardy. You’d have better odds playing the lottery.

        That’s what I think, you’ve your own perspective and I don’t intend on altering it.

        Good luck with whatever you do!


      2. I totally understand your point and I didn’t say that I don’t agree with you. All I tried to say was that when you love someone so much, don’t just let them off so easily. Ya if you’ve a total belief that letting them off can make you happy, go for it. I’ve experienced in letting things off and I honestly regret a few things. It’s all just a matter of time 🙂


  1. I see you have issues. We all have. It’s not that simple. But in your case, it’s everyone else’s fault except you two. So why make each other suffer. Falling in love with someone has a lot of learning in it. It’s not just a euphoric feeling; you have to go through A LOT. But make sure you have that someone by your side during those times. If you don’t; leave. If you have him; then stick to him forever. He is the one.

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    1. So totally agree. That’s the point actually. You can’t just easily let go someone because you know that he’s gonna stick there even if you don’t need them.


      1. It’s not easy to find someone who accepts you just the way you’re. With all your flaws and imperfections. And when you find one, then one must never let them go. Stay positive. The best is yet to come. Cheers!

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