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Some Lies Pinch…

People lie, every day and every time. Every human being lies, that’s the truth. But there are certain deceptions (read: lies) that just don’t let you live. The shame resides, pinches, and kills. I wonder how people can live with such lies all their lives. Are they humans? Don’t they get that guilt every time they see that person to whom they’ve lied? I wonder how they do it. And I also wonder how God lets them live with it.

Life teaches us a lot. Every step that we take has a lesson in it. We don’t realize how many steps we’re taking in each minute but the moment we stumble, we get to feel that either we got tired or are awaken up!

There are certain lies that stink you straight in your heart. When you get to know that you’ve been lied to all your life, you just don’t feel like you deserved that. All your life you’re honest and loyal and tell the truth no matter how harsh it is, and it kills when you get to know that you were the person lied to! The whole world knows the truth except you! What do we do to get that? Do we deserve that after such a terrible life? Nobody deserves that, NOBODY!

It hurts, really.

And it’s unforgettable, NEVER!


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