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Bajrangi Bhaijan Review

Such an amazing movie it was! I’ve never reviewed any movie ever but after watching Bajrangi Bhaijan, I truly felt like it’s worth a review. No movie has ever made me cry like this ever before in my life!

Starting with Salman Khan’s acting, it was amazing from the first scene to the last. The way he portrayed himself as a person who speaks the truth all the time, those moments when he protected his ‘munni/shahida’ was worth an applause! I liked him already but after watching this movie, he has ranked up and is worth an admiration!

Even the little girl’s acting was CUTE! The directors chose a right person for the role. Somehow she looked like Alia Bhatt to me (her innocence was giving that look). Kareena Kapoor was decent enough in the role and loved her totally!

The story, I’ve never seen such a touchy story in my life. Made me cry 6 times! Even the laughters were turning into tears in some scenes. The way this movie’s director has portrayed this story, I wonder how well he worked on it! The lesson in the movie was to finish the hatred among the two neighbours Pakistan and India and the way this movie’s whole team took the step, I must say that good people still exist in this world! Totally a true image of both the countries was shown and I believe such movies can bring friendship between India and Pakistan! This movie is worth breaking records and I must say who ever didn’t watch it yet, you’re missing something huge and you must go and watch it right away!

Hats off to Kabir Khan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and the rest of the team! Everybody did a brilliant job!
Now I know why Amir Khan was in tears after watching this movie!

In the end, I’ll mention VOX cinemas, tried to book the tickets for this movie since it was released and always found it full! This Eid, they brought up some amazing movies and made this place my second home! An amazing experience there!

Totally loved it!


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