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Just These Feelings Or Fed up with Humans? 

 Why don’t people think twice before hurting you or bringing troubles in your life? Why can’t some people just see you happy? Sometimes you don’t even harm anyone or take anything from anyone and still you’ve to suffer and go through a lot because of them. 

Sometimes people just don’t understand you and understand that you want to be happy. All you ask for is a little understanding and support and all you get in return is harsh answers and tortures for days. They don’t realize that they’re the ones ruining your complete day and schedules.

Sometimes you feel such an extensive attachment with people that you blindly trust them and expect a lot. The least you expect from them is being there when you’re miserable. But when they don’t get it, all you want do is curse yourself for relying on them to such an extent. Such things in life really makes you strong through. You get to see a lot and get through it along.

Sometimes you realize that people don’t see God. They forget that God is watching and do things that can truly break a human heart. 

Sometimes all you wanna do is isolate yourself and make your own world. Nothing but be happy at least.


6 thoughts on “Just These Feelings Or Fed up with Humans? 

  1. Same. The solution is either setting your self in isolation or if you get lucky to have found a friend who can understand what you feel. Or atleast respect them.

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