Sweet Escape.

Just felt the same! Truly positive post by a friend, I must share!

Dreamer Meets World

Just be a good person. Or try. Please. For your own sake. And be very mindful of other people’s feelings. Even if they make no sense to you. Because, the pain we inflict on others always seems excusable, till it comes around and someone inflicts it on us, then it becomes unforgivable.  And remember, sometimes things happen and there is no reason, no explanation, no closure, nothing. Just let it go. Worry less, stay calm, act mature. People who matter, they always come back. And if you’re stressed about something and don’t know how to make the right decision, remember; The right decision doesn’t always feel right at first. Make it anyway. Decide and then make it right, later. Just don’t ever forget how blessed you’re.

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