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What Was I Thinking? 


iClick by Arsh
What was I even thinking before giving my every single broken piece to someone? Well, if I couldn’t keep my own pieces, how can I expect someone else do that?

Weird expectations. We are humans. We go through so much. We share our secrets and in return get dumped. We tell our hearts out and in return get the people laugh on our own selves. How can we lose our own respect? Isolation was good, really good! Isolation doesn’t mean you’re alone. It means that you have your own self respect and don’t want to lose it. I envy those who’re alone or don’t have any friends. I adore those who keep their secrets to their own selves. The more you open to people, the more you get hurt. What for? For trusting people? We deserve to be hurt then, damn it!

How can we open up so easily? How can we tell our secrets to strangers right away? How can we trust people just like that? That’s because we’re innocent and think that when we can keep people’s secrets and make them laugh in their bad times, others can do the same for us. We have no idea that we are surrounded by human beings and not Angels. And humans are born to kill you inside out, with words or deeds. Even the families are not worth a trust these days, how can we fall for those so called strangers? 

If you cannot trust yourself with your pains, how can you expect someone else to keep them? No way! No chance! We are stupid to fall in the trap of humanity. In fact, we don’t fall. We jump into it. We throw ourselves. Lulz. Stupid us!

Pity on our own selves!

P.S. Ignore me for this post. I don’t even know what I am saying. Just wanna say it loud. Too messed up and simply done with everything! 


5 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking? 

  1. You must have heard ‘ happiness is only real when shared’ well the same goes to sadness as well u share urs sorrows urs secrets to the people u TRUST … And trust is earned so is respect .. Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes of trusting the wrong people and in this way we learn about people and ourself .. If they hurt u or broke urs trust dnt be sad about it just remeber life goes on and you there is someone for you much better then what u have already left. Things happens for a reason just look around and u will find answers yourself.

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  2. Well, I just opened myself up to someone i barely know but i am sure that person wont dump my feelings. Just a faith 🙂


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