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Just Sharing an Inspiration

It is been long since I wrote any poem. It’s been way too long, seriously! I used to write the Forty Rules of Enlightenment but I’ve stopped that too because it had poems in it. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know it’s not a writer’s block. Anyways, I’ll just come up with something I really feel right now. I have been listening to a Qawali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan lately and trust me each line is mesmerizing. Each line has a meaning in it. You just can’t stop listening to it if you’re in the same state that I am in. I’ll share a few lines and explain how I took them.


Aqal ko rog maar detay hain

Ishq ko sog mar detay hain

aadmi khud bakhud nahi marta

doosray log maar detay hain


This is true. We have been gifted with brains by Almighty. We just stop using them when we are upset. Have you ever noticed that when you’re extremely down or upset or maybe angry, you just don’t think and do things that you regret later? Yes, this is how it is. This is how the brain cells stop working.

Have you been in love? Or let’s say, true love doesn’t exist so have you been infatuated by someone? If yes, what happens when you get into a fight with each other? You surely want to get rid of that person, isn’t it so? You want to run away or be alone at that moment. You dislike that person and that moment. There, Ishq ko sog maar detay hain :’)

As far as the last two lines are concerned, this is true as well. Very rarely does a person die due to medical reasons. Most of the heart diseases are caused by depression, majorly you go through blood pressure problems because you’re in very much anxiety, majority of the people get a heart attack because they hear something that they can’t bear. There you go. It’s proved that other people kill you, at some point.


Dosto’n ne karam to kiye hain

Zindagi ki tamanna nahi hai


Sometimes, you’ve friends that you truly believe in. They’re there for you even if you don’t need them. They don’t let you alone and empathize. They just are there and listen. But still you just don’t like your life. You appreciate them for being there and at the same time complain about lives and want to die. Why is that so? Yes, we are just fed up, of good, bad, worst, everything. We are not just thankful at that moment. Oh these phases, they are not understandable at all :’)


Aap ka to bharosa hai mujh ko

Zindagi ka bharosa nahi hai


You trust the people so much. You trust your families, closed ones, friends, people you love, and many others. There are uncountable people whom you’ve trusted in life. Sometimes you regret trusting a few but gone is gone. Anyways, talking about trust, you keep on telling these people that you trust them. The mistake is not theirs. It’s not their fault. It’s just that this life is not treating you well and you don’t want to talk about it. If only they understood that :’)


Just sharing the link of my inspiration in the end. It’s for all the Sufi lovers especially!

Dosto’n se kia shikayatain by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan



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