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About those types of Women!

All my life, I’ve been having the worst experiences with girls. I am not saying that they’re not good, but they’re way too judgmental. Some are nice, but they don’t stay too long. You know why? Because they are meant to leave!

Or maybe it’s just me who become very touchy and emotional when it’s about being friends with any girl. First of all, I don’t have any sister (yes I am the only sister) and my brothers are not much bothered about me (after all, they’re boys) so yes, that’s one problem that I can’t get them or maybe they can’t. I make them friends, become so close that start considering them a sister, cheer them up all the time, be with them in bad times, give them everything I have, truly get close, and start sharing things. But here it comes! They throw a bomb on me (yes they either judge or say bad words and leave). I wonder why are they like this?

Oh yes, I don’t have any close relation with any woman in this world. Yes, I am motherless too! Is that a problem? Is that the reason I hate the word “mother”? Oh wait, no! That’s not it. I’ve seen a mother humiliating and beating you up to death. I’ve seen a mother spoiling her daughter’s relations. I have seen a mother cursing her son. I have also seen a mother kind but deep inside, she is not nice. WHY? WHY WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT?

And then they say, let’s talk about women rights! Damn, just don’t! They are not worth it, damn it! I’ve been broken by them and been cheated by them not once or twice but a million times. I try making them my sister and all they do is kill my heart. WHY? No, I am not being rude, I swear. They’re jealous brats. Or no, they’re not. They’re just born that way. When they see someone innocent and sensitive, they start playing around. Damn, don’t they see how one feels after being broken? Don’t they have hearts? Oh wait, they’re humans. Born this way. CRAP!

I had best friends who ditched me. I had closest girls who just simply cheated, judged, and left! Why are they making me hate them when I don’t want to? Shall I stop being with girls? After all, they’ve given me bad times. I try enjoying with them but in the end they teach me a lesson and that is, “not become friends with any girl ever.” But hey, where’s my fault?

What do you do with a motherless, sister-less person? Keep hurting them just like that? Well done then. Thank you brats. I will still keep on making mistakes because I myself am a girl and I’ll trust you and be emotional every time I become friend with you!

Damn, me!

P.S. Please ignore this post. I just want to vent things out. There’s a huge lump in my throat right now with a severe headache. Come on, I am feeling so damaged right now! 😥 Not gaining sympathies I swear. Not having a diary right now and it’s just my diary. IGNORE IT! 


13 thoughts on “About those types of Women!

  1. Well i did read the post script about ignoring it but alas i couldn’t.

    I don’t know possibly what you are going through atm. Yes i have been cheated by too with friends but i think yours is way serious.

    Yes i agree that girl’s have this drama thing much more than man in any matter and sometimes it just gets too much. I love the fact that you have decided to stay firm on being all good and emotional no matter how many times people break your heart. Its not that breaking hearts is good of course but its that you have chosen on being human.

    Being human is about being Vulnerable, being dependable and being prone to breaking apart. And yes we should not give up on being dependable on other humans because after that there is only despair in our solitude which might seem to be heaven at times.

    I hope you get out of your struggles as a Non-mother and Sisterless women lol. (it was funny idky) and that you find real good friends who you can share your life with. You are married so will get kids soon don’t worry about that.

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      1. I will. I don’t know a thing about you but i still trust you. Blog is just not the right place to share a secret i guess.


      2. Not exactly tbh but i am someone who doesn’t like to go public with my things specially when it involves someone i respect more than anyone… But i will tell you inshaAllah

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