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Logma – Food Review

A few days back, I went to Logma which is serving the culture based Emirati cuisine and is located in Box Park, Jumeirah. Trust me, I had a wonderful experience there. The food, as it claims, is truly traditional! You would really get the true feel of having an Emirati experience once you enter the place. I’ve been to this place several times and have never found it empty.l It’s always filled with local people (majority) and a few mix nationals. The staff is welcoming and you’ll be served with great pleasure. They treat you like an honorable guest which is the best thing about this place.

iClick by Arsh

I tried some specialties there and oh they were all so tempting and delicious. Starting with Logma fries, if you’re not very hungry and just want to snack up a little, you must try their special fries. I am so addicted to it that even when passing by this place, I take it away. Cooked in a healthy oil, served with fresh herbs and spices on the top, I’d had never had such fries ever. They’re worth trying and you’ll stick to them whenever you go there 😉

Speaking of rice dishes, I am a true biryani fan but these Logma Chicken Rice (sorry the picture got deleted from my phone but the next time I get to buy them, I’ll post it right away) were something different. Having healthy ingredients, every bit of it filled me up. One single portion is more than enough for two (trust me). They’re sumptuous and you must have them when you’re really craving for some heavy food!

iClick By Arsh
iClick By Arsh

I also tried their Roasted Chicken Khameer Sandwich and if the name hits you that it’s going to be like fast food, trust me it’s not. It’s one hell of a cuisine. You’ll feel like you had a proper bread with amazing chicken pieces. Every ingredient used in it gives a unique and tempting taste. Whenever I go there, I stick to this food and order along their special Atlantis drink. In this heat of Dubai, you’ll be totally refreshed with Atlantis and must try it! It’s made of lemon, ice, mint leaves, and some other special ingredients that totally freshens your inside up 😀

iClick by Arsh
iClick by Arsh

Oh, wait, for the sweet tooth cravings, their amazing Lugaimat must not be missed. And hey, order along their karak tea. It’s the best combination for tea time cravings 😉

iClick by Arsh
iClick by Arsh

And no, don’t judge me that I eat a lot. Actually I tried these things in different settings but believe me, every time I went there, I was treated as their own special guest and that cannot just stop me from going there on and on. I’ll highly recommend this place where you’ll have the true Emirati experience!

Checkout their facebook page too for more info!

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