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Day 1 – Purple

So I’ll take a start with my personal favorite – purple. This color always fascinates me and I don’t know why 😀 since childhood it’s my prop choice and my first nail polish that I bought in college was also purple. Isn’t it awesome? 😛

Talking about the nail paint, I got this one from Nail Station Paris a year ago and it’s still alive besides using it for more than 100 times 😀 never personally bought nail station stuff but this one was gifted to me by a friend and now it’s my personal favorite! Once this one ends, indefinitely doing for the second one!

The brand is awesome like the name, trust me. It doesn’t get dry with time and is still as new as before, gets removed easily with acetone and is not much of a headache either.

It matches with almost all the wearings, but you must be having something in purple let it be a small scarf 😀 I wore it with white and wore accessories with the purple shades so it worked for me.

It also suits the pink and blue and will look different in a good way! You won’t lose that elegant charm that you expect to come with this color 😉

So I’ll personally recommend this one to those who’re purple freaks and want to try something cute and awesome 😀 I’ll call it vibrant for summers especially!


Nail station Paris nail paints, watch- Gloria, ring- silver, clothing- Max, bracelets- mirrors
Till next time.


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