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Day 2 – Blue

Never in my life have I ever used blue but this time when I saw it, I was like, ‘let’s give it a try’ and since then, it has become my top favorite. Majority of my wardrobe including bags and shoes has blue something in it so this color goes with all my summer collection 😀 (good for me)

Talking about the brand, though I bought it from a local hypermarket in Dubai just to give it a try but it’s good. Essence is one reasonable and good brand (in terms of nail paints) because they’ll last long on nails and finish before you start getting fed up with the colors 😉

It’s pure matte and gives a classic look. You’ll simply fall in love with this deep blue once it’s on your hands (because I did). Other than that, it’s a pure summer color and makes your hands look vibrant and stunning 😛 

The best thing about blue is that it will go with both casual and formal. Whether you’re wearing jeans or simply going for work in formal wear, this color won’t strike much and look vibrant yet elegant. To be honest, some colors look awkward but once tried, they look way too better than what you imagine! 😉 give it a shot.


Nail paint – Essence, Bag – ZARA, Clothing – H&M and Max

Till next time 😉


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