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The Not So Pleasant Days

iClick by Arsh

In life, there comes a time when you just don’t want to talk, don’t want to speak up, don’t even want to move your lips, just like someone has hit your mute button. Oh, we do have mute buttons. There are things that seem to be okay but in real, they’re not. There are certain acts that look normal and can be done but something stops you and you feel like it’s just not right. There are times when everything is messed up, things aren’t going in the direction you want them to be. You keep on praying to God and that even doesn’t work out.

You start feeling like there’s something wrong with you. You cannot see your mistakes though but still feel like you should work on yourself. And when you do, the same things happen. Yes, they don’t work out. Oh, there comes a state when you’re stuck and you’ve no idea what to do. You can’t be declared wrong because you’re not and you don’t achieve your goals because they tell you that you did mistakes. But when? Can they not tell us what mistakes? No, they won’t. They will never do that! Oh wait, didn’t I just say that it’s never our mistake? And even if we work on the not-so-made-mistakes, they don’t seem to be fine. You’re scared deep inside that there’s something wrong. Either with them or with you. And you give up.

But is giving up an option? It is not and neither should it be. Losers give up and we’re not losers, are we? We want to win. We aim for things and achieve them, if not so quickly then with a few struggles. And those struggles become our lessons. Yes, life lessons. If we don’t fail, how can we learn? The winners are happy people, but the losers are struggling learners and they turn out to be better than the winners. They win, anyways.

We all have those not-so-pleasant days in life. We all want to get what we desire and that too before time. But a few things are worth a wait. Because when you wait, God helps you. All we can do is show some patience and keep working hard. A hard work makes us strong, way too strong in fact. And patience along makes us strong in heart. Why not tell your challenges to keep coming? They’ll make you cry a few times but then, you’ll be perfect in overcoming them. And one day, you’ll be a winner!

We all have these moments. Sometimes we’re happy for no reason and sometimes upset for almost nothing. Yes, we are humans and we turn upside down sometimes (but from the inside of course. LOL.) Who cares? Why bother much? Life doesn’t stop. It goes on. Why can’t we move forward? After all, we cannot change anything for it’s already written in our destiny, All we can do is be patient and wait. Maybe God has something better in it for us. God decides it for all. We can just struggle.

I don’t even know what I am saying right now. Just trying to say something else and came up with this. Forget it. I just need prayers these days. Not so pleasant days after all!


Until next time.



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