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Flying with the Emirates


Credits: uaeinteraact.com

Many of you must’ve flown in the Emirates, rated as one of the best International airlines, and if your destination is the UAE, the Emirates is your obvious choice—not because it’s the most famous one but because its offers and services are simply peerless.

The world-class services offered by Emirates are the reason why it is preferred choice of the most. Obviously, who wouldn’t like to go for an airline that is both reliable and comfortable? After all, we all look for what’s best for our own selves.

They not only give some awesome services but also have an amazing staff who’re truly welcoming and attentive at all times. You’ll really enjoy flying with them. You can also avail some special offers such as “fly now and pay later, skywards miles, Emirates network” and much more. They really know how to keep their customers satisfied and retain them for long.

Previously, I just heard about their offers and services and never tried them personally (oh well, when I was way too young to travel on my own). But then, when I did, I simply couldn’t help but choose Emirates every time as my default option for air travel. No matter where I go, if the plane is flying to that specific destination, my first option will be Emirates. The crew is always friendly; the services are convenient; you get a VIP treatment every time you travel with them; and you won’t get bored in the long flights especially because they’ve way too many things to offer and keep you busy. On top of it all, the flight is calm and comfortable, and you don’t get to have those bumps and scary shocks in the middle of the air. Yes, I’ve been flying in many airlines, and what I’ve always experienced is that whenever we are in the middle of the ocean and above the clouds, we get those scary bumps (and watching too many episodes of Air Investigation has really given me this phobia), but with Emirates, it’s pretty much natural to travel.

When it comes to Dubai, oh it has a separate terminal and that makes it the best. You won’t have to face many troubles in customs; you can pass through the rush in no time and leave the airport as soon as possible. I strongly recommend the Emirates.

If you’ve ever had any experience with this airline, do share your thoughts as well.


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