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Just Those Cards

Playing with the emotions has become so easy especially when the other person knows your weaknesses. You tell the people about things that hurt you just because you don’t want them at least to do it to you. Why would you even tell someone that you’re broken? No, not to gain sympathies or play dramas but to let them know that they should take care of it. But there are times when those same people play with the ‘weakness cards’ and all you get in return is the same broken heart that doesn’t want to be mended again.


Emotional cards, yes I’ll call it that. They control our emotions. We bury what we don’t like because no one in this world deserves to get hurt. But what they do? Bring that card right to your face and smash you with it! Yeah, just like an axe cutting the trunk of a tree. Oh, it hurts.Never ever in this world do you need to tell anyone that you don’t have people to hold your back. NEVER! Even if you’re an orphan, just don’t tell them that you don’t have a dad. Tell them that you’re supported and cared about on your back. Make it up but just don’t tell them because you don’t deserve to be played the ‘no you don’t have a parent card’ on yourself. You deserve to be happy. If you’re not supported, you need to feel that you’re. Not because you’re just playing with yourself but because those who don’t have anyone has God. 

And these stupid tiny humans would never understand that God’s support is way too better than anything else in this world.



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