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One of those Lanes

iClick by Arsh
iClick by Arsh

And then there are those pathways in which you just go randomly and get lost.

No, I am not talking about the journeys that we dream to follow or the pathways that we created for ourselves and we go through those. I am talking about the lanes that we come across during a lost journey and just snuggle in slowly to see what could be there and get caught. Are we kind of..umm..trapped? No, trapped would be a very harsh word. We are just…lost.

Have you ever fallen in love? This is a very common phrase. Believe me or not but it has become very common. Or let’s say NORMAL. Every second person on this planet falls in love, enjoy the time, leave, move on, fall again, and the cycle goes on. I am not talking about THAT love. I am talking about something else. The kind of that intense love that you believe no one will experience, the kind of feeling that makes you happy and sad at the same time; happy because you feel lucky and sad because you just can’t lose it. The kind when you feel like saying, 

Tarapnay pe mere na phir tum hanso gay

Kabhi dil kisi se laga kar to dekho

No, this is not that normal love. It’s the eternal one. The intense one. You suffer and you like it that way. You just can’t let it go. You transform into someone whom you never thought you’ll be. There would’ve been a time when you used to laugh over certain things and now they don’t seem funny anymore. The kind of thing that makes you think,

Zakhm pe zakhm khaa k jee

Apne lahu k ghoont pee

Aaah na kar, labo’n ko see

Ishq hai Dil lagi nahi…

It’s the kind of therapy that you feel warmth in. You drench into the wrong yet you feel that it’s right. You feel that it’s eternal. You know that you’ll end up trying to be happy but it won’t be for yourself yet you don’t fear. You want to forget about the world and stay in that warmth. And then there comes a time when you regret, but then again, you don’t. You feel like it’s a teaching kind of punishment. You fall for it and say,

Ashiqi dil Lagi nahi hoti…

Kuch khail nahi hai ishq ki laag

Paani na samajh ye aag hai aag

You cry because your heart skips a beat every time something unexpected happens. No, you were not the person who used to cry. But in this, you become way too prone for every bad emotion. You try to express that you’re drenching, sinking, hardly breathing, but then you stay quiet and you love the way you sink. No regrets. Not at all…

Khoon rulaye gi ye lagi dil ki

Khail na samjho dil lagi dil lagi…

Ek aag ka darya hai or doob k jaana hai

It’s the stain that you want to carry all your life and take it to the grave, no matter what. You just want to stay in that painless pain.

Wafaao’n ki hum se tawaqqo nahi hai

Magar ek bar azmaa kar to dekha

Zamanay ko apna bana kar to dekha

Humain b tum apna bana kar to dekho

-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Yes, I am inspired, yet again, by the words of this man, who left us with the music for life;

Dil Lagi by NFAK



5 thoughts on “One of those Lanes

  1. I will add something by Ghalib
    “Muhabbat me nahi hai farq jeeny aur marne ka
    Usi ko dekh k jeety hain jis kaafir pe dum nikle”
    Now the question. Have i ever experienced anything like that? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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