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Fake it up Naturally with Benefit

So I am NOT a makeup fan and neither do I use or buy this stuff but lately I won something online and it’s simply won’t be fair if I don’t review it. I personally never had heard about this brand “benefit” but yes I saw it once in Sephora while I was checking out some nail paints but didn’t try it.

Recently when I got them, I can’t believe how natural and good they could be. My skin is really not “makeup material” because the moment I put on something other than baby lotion and rose water, my skin gets itchy. It’s not that I do not use ANYTHING. Occasionally I have to, being a girl. But these products are really good.

Let’s review it one by one.

So this gimme brow medium brown is really REALLY good! I personally have not got very thin brows and never put on anything on them, neither do I pluck them (you can imagine how lazy could I be), but this thing is really the best. It gives a pretty much natural look to your brows and give them a prominent and enhancing shade. I used it once and it’s worth it. I asked my friend to use it because she has got pretty much thin brows and her hair color is also brown so it suited her perfectly. If you’ve got thin brows, or there are gaps between the hair, you must try this. I’d totally recommend it. And yeah, my friend totally loved it so I had to give it to her of course! 😀 You can buy it from here.

Okay so if you want to have a naturally ARCH in your brows, you MUST go for this high BROW. It’s pretty much natural and really gives a good shape to your brows. All you’ve to do is apply one thin line below your brow line and two dots above the arch edge and blend it with your fingers. THAT’S IT! Yes, that simple. You’ll totally feel that the arch is prominent and honestly, it will give you a confident 😉 I tried it and LOVED it because it gives your face a witty look 😛 You must use it with the gimme brow. Totally recommended!

Concealer is basically the ONLY thing I’ll use FOREVER. Of course, it hides the bags below your eyes so the days I won’t sleep well, I’ll put this on and won’t let the world show that I had a sleepless night! 😀 Anyways, coming back to this fake up under eye concealer from benefit, it’s pretty much natural and won’t let it show. It will totally blend up with your skin and it’s naturally moisturized so you won’t feel that you’ve something under your eyes. For me, I’ll use the light one because my skin tone is light so yeah, this one is just a perfect match! I totally loved it and of course, the only thing that I’ve kept with myself and couldn’t give it away! It’s pretty much different from other concealers. The others are more like a foundation and this one is more of a moisturizer type. I used to have one from Marks and Spencer, but this one is good too. Would keep on switching both. It has that hydrating effect and though it wont hide the dark circles much but would definitely hydrate the area below my eyes. Totally recommending it. You can order it from here.

If you’ve used any of these items, you can share your views about it here 🙂


Benefit, Daiso

Until next time.


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