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DIY Nail Art

So nails are the ONLY thing I can do every month on regular basis (yes I am not a beauty spree and hence don’t spend much time on myself.) I personally like doing nails every now and then and keep on trying stuff.

Last month I was in Daiso so saw these amazing DIY flower stickers hence thought to try them. I never tried stickers, but this was the first time and went very well.

These are not expensive at all (Nothing is expensive in DAISO :P) hence you can buy them and keep on trying and retrying them 😉

I had this pink nail paint from Rimmel that I bought just a few days back so thought to try it with white. And it LOOKED AWESOME to me. I don’t know about your test but for me, it has become my personal favorite. The image has all that I needed to do these nails. NOTHING ELSE!

All I did was put a double coat of this pink nail polish, remove the sticker through the stick (available in the pack) and put it slowly on one of my nails (I like it on the ring finger. You can use it anywhere) and coat it up with the transparent one that I bought from DAISO as well. THAT’S IT! Took me just 10 minutes to do it! SIMPLE and EASY!

Hope you like it and try it soon 🙂

Resources: Pink Nail paint – Rimmel, Stickers – DAISO, Transparent coating – DAISO

Until next time.

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