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Keeping up with the Diaries

This titles seem a little intriguing, isn’t it? 😀 I wasn’t basically intending to keep it that way but it looks nice to me so yeah, I’ll go with it 😉

iClick by Arsh

Talking about the post, we being those random sensitive cum funny yet superlatively unconscious writers are usually found in stationary shops in the malls or any markets and that’s because we LOVE to see that! At least, if you lose ME in a mall, find me in Borders, Hallmark, Virgin, or any nearby stationary store. I’ll either be smelling the spray paints or sitting on the floor checking out the sketch books and diaries besides the fact that I’ve way too many of them which I didn’t even touch yet but still want to buy the new ones. I mean, why not? They’re so catchy ALL THE TIME!

Oh the next minute, the store keepers will see me being dragged from the shop by my friends. That’s not fair. Okay just in case if I am buying them, so what? I want to buy them. And please don’t remind me of being broke by the end of the month just because I’ve spent all my earnings on the things that I already have and still seeking more. At least, not in the middle of the “deciding to buy the purple one or the black one.” I can at least get one if not all? :$ NO DON’T SEE THE PRICE TAG!

While being dragged, I get to see a very cute pen on the counter and I am like, “Hey please wait, I just want to see it. No I won’t buy it I promise.” and they come along. The next minute, I am found paying for it. I HAVE TO TAKE SOMETHING FROM HERE. Come on it was for just 10 AED. And then the 10 turns into 100 in no time. You know why? Because you want to keep that pen and match it with a nice cute diary so yeah, you get a little one right from the counter! 😛 Hey, it’s not my fault. Why do they keep cute things on the counter? They did it, not me, okay?

You’ll always find a diary next to the pillow in the bed of such people. Yeah, I keep one right next to me. No not on the side table. The people will check it. It’s under the teddy bears, ALWAYS! Like, it’s random. And trust me, I’ll never use it, EVER! It’s always hiding. How can I even remember that I have it next to me :$ THIS IS THE REASON WHY I BUY A DIARY EVERY TIME I SEE A STATIONARY SHOP! :O Oh Lord. Hey wait, did I give the reason? Nope, I didn’t. And I don’t think I should. Let it be and let it go 😉

All that matters to me is collecting as much diaries as possible. What’s the big deal? I’ve tiny little wishes, come on :$




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