Review: Galaxy Note 5

So here I have my hands on this new generation stylish and one of the best in the series – Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I am excited to review it but first let’s give it a rating according to my personal point of view:

Camera: 5/5 (but I wish I could score it more. It’s just so perfect.)

Software: 4.5/5 (because it’s faster than the rest with high-quality ram.)

Hardware: 5/5 (It’s cool, sleek, stylish, and AWESOME!)

Design: 4.5/5 (deducting the point 5 because of the back. It’s kind of something new and good this time but I personally liked note 3 back cover more)

Display: 5/5 (can I give it 6? As always, Samsung comes up with sharp and bright display! The screen is large as expected. Love it!)

Battery: 5/5 (comparative to other branded phones including Samsung itself, this one is best in the battery. Has the fastest charging and battery lasts longer than usual)

How Do you Rate it?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 1



Full metal/glass body is different and UNIQUE I must say. It’s giving a completely stylish look. It’s a beauty in its own way 😀 Very easy to hold because the grip on the edges is good. Believe me or not but the shine on it looks sexy to me especially when it shines with the light.

It’s light, thick, and comes in two varieties i.e. 32 GB and 64 GB. No SD card option, though.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 2




Okay, so this camera is simply PERFECT! I mean, I’ve seen it in other phones, in general, and Note 5 has the best camera shots! The video has also many options in which you can simply play around and make great captures. Let the camera speak for itself. Check the camera display below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 3


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4


Now let’s do the tech talk. So the software comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop along with the proprietary TouchWiz by Samsung. One thing that I loved about it was the S-Pen. The stylus pops up with a click hence making it easy for us. One best thing – the moment you pop the S-Pen out while the screen is off, you get to write on the black screen. HOW COOL IS THAT! A completely new and unique feature and really convenient! I wish I can write more about the S-Pen. It’s lovely, to be honest!


The battery is GREAT! It lasts for more than one day so I’d definitely recommend it. It’s fast charging capability is amazing too. Takes just 1.5 hours to charge complete and worth a grab!

To Conclude it:
Now let’s face it – this phone is a complete switch from the rest. The battery is not removable, the back is glass/metal, the pen is clickable, the camera (front and back) is SUPERIOR! It has won the game. They said it so right – “Next is Now” and it is WOW!

Until next time! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review: Galaxy Note 5

  1. Display type is super amoled? Plus i guess battery is 3200 mah which is alot. Love the tech love this beast. You are lucky to have it. I wish i had one too 🙂 enjoy! Plus how is the LED notification system i heard its unreal!

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