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All about 2015

Wow! This year has passed so quickly. Today is the last day of 2015 and it’s unbelievably gone. But time runs, right?

When we’re stuck in some dilemma, we want those days to run. When the days are passed, we feel like the year went by way too quickly. Yes, when you’re upset, things are slow. But if you’re happy, you’ve no idea how fast can the time run. It’s just that we’re busy in being way too happy and don’t notice the time. And it goes off.

2015 in one sentence- full of drama and emotions, the happy ones, the sad ones!


I don’t want to end my year with a sad thing. I never do. I like being happy and everyone loves that. This year was so dramatic yet full of learning for me. I got to know the people, in real meaning. Yes, I knew them, I still do, but oh I just close my eyes and let it happen. You won’t get it. For me, 2015 had been great. Full of struggle and achievements. Hard work paid off. Let’s point them down.

We all have goals. Sometimes, about having our dream car, owning a house, getting in shape, eating healthy, getting married, and much more. We make resolutions and forget about them. But trust me, nothing goes according to plan. Even if you plan to eat chicken chowmin for dinner, you MIGHT end up going to a restaurant where the meal is finished or they don’t serve anymore. From tiny to the biggest unsorted plans, they might ditch us. For me, my goals were way too many. I turned 24 and I aimed for things that I should get before I turn 25 (silver jubilee). Alhamdolillah for everything.

The biggest hit is the one that you never get. The moment you get it, it’s no more the biggest one. You struggle for the bigger one. Struggles are good. They make us happy. Nobody likes lying down in the bed all day, besides being filthy rich and has nothing to do. If you work, you get satisfied. At least, work makes ME happy. Being independent on my own makes me happy. It’s such a satisfying feeling, trust me. And the time when your father tells someone on your back that, “she’s the strongest and better even from the men in our family, she’s talented, but I never wanted her to fly. I was scared that she might get hurt” makes you happiest person on this planet. Oh, that feeling! Yes, my year ended with these words. Nothing else matters. No other achievement matters for me after hearing this about myself from someone. Thanks, dad. I always respected you and I’ll always love you. Yes, you make me proud too 😀 Haha!

No, owning a car on your own blood money is not a bigger achievement that this one. Though, it is, but THAT feeling was better than the one when I got my OWN car keys! Bam, Alhamdolillah! Dubai taught me way too much in such a short span. It’s been 2 years now and I feel like a pro in this age 🙂 Summa Alhamdolillah!

I got stable, I worked hard and made so many people proud, I lost friends, I definitely lost weight 😀 , I made friends, I am making GOOD people stay tied, I gave away something I loved the most to someone I love the most, and so much more!

There was no certain important thing in 2015. All that I got or lost, were important. They all had a meaning; for me, for my friends, and the rest of the world. I am happy, to be honest. I am happy to be what I am right now. I’ve changed, in a better way. I was not like this, but it’s good to be this way. I got mature though I am still stubborn sometimes (that’s what they say – you become a child all of a sudden,) I fell but I learned and I’d never let myself fall again. It happened and it’s gone. The new year is ahead and I am definitely looking forward to it. God has given me way too much of strength. Such strength might kill me someday, you know why? Because that strength is painful. Sometimes you just don’t want to be strong. You want to be weak and melt for certain things and you can’t. THAT hurts. But Allah wants us to stay firm and we do.

Happy 2016, everyone and I pray that this New Year brings a lot of blessings for you all.


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