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The Deep Inside Stuff

Nothing is perfect and no body is ideal. We all have our faults, problems, miseries, neglects, and oh so many words that I cannot describe right now. In short, har kisay nu mukammal jahan nai milda (translation: not everyone gets the complete world.)

But we live with it, right? We do. That’s how it’s written. We are stuck with things that we never even thought for our enemies, let alone happening them to us. We live with those scars that we never imagined getting. In fact, we strive all our life to stay away from them yet they fly upon us out of nowhere. And it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just written. We miss things out – the important things, the basic things in life. We are not given what we believe is a necessity. Yet we ignore them but somewhere deep inside, it’s still there. It comes out, one way or the other. Either through nightmares or we just become careless and things stop mattering. The worst, we get into a trauma every now and then, and the world starts calling it a drama. They don’t understand that you’re letting it out. Hence, you’re termed PSYCHO! That’s the fall. Indeed. Not yours, theirs. It’s not your fault. You’re just emotional and drugged with tortures. If they can say that a drunk man doesn’t realize what he is doing or saying and don’t remember a thing after he regains conscious, similarly a deeply tortured (read: hurt) person is not in his conscious either. He’s being drugged. Come on, get what I am saying here.

God is GREAT, we all know that. He has planned everything for us. From the time we form a cell (conception) until we are in the grave and afterwards, HE has written and planned every single step for us. What to fear then? He will never want HIS human to suffer. He punishes us and at the same time bless us. If we’re happy all the time, how can we get excited about the new things? Everything has a meaning, including a single tear. You’ve no right to tell someone that the tear you just shed was a drama. You’ve NO RIGHT!

But oh well, someone once said, “this world is the survival of the fittest.” Now if you take it from different perspectives, it has many meanings. Whom do you call fit? A person with ideal abs and who eats healthy? A normal looking person with the ideal sleeping schedule? Come on, nothing is fit (read: ideal). You can see an obese man being the happiest on this planet while a good looking Victoria Secret’s model completely shattered between distress and problems. Ha. See that? Double meaning just like double standards.

Oh wait, I didn’t talk about the differences. Let’s talk about the most controversial one – male vs female. Who’s stronger? They say, men! Who can beat the hell out of a woman? They say, men. But in other news, another woman can beat the shit out of another woman, I’ve seen it! So now, who’s stronger? Men, again, they say! Double standards. The same men say, “hey when women fight, they’re the worst” and then they claim to be strong and powerful. Not over each other, though. Just over another woman. But whom do you want in your life? A powerful man who cannot let you even share your sentiments or a man with a strong heart and a soft corner for another woman? Of course, the second one. A man is known by his strength, and strength is not telling another woman that I am a man but keeping your feelings and emotions strong – handling yourself like a MAN. Yes, a woman is weak, she cries easily, is prone to get hurt every single second, so what? You be a man and be there! Quietly, cheer her up, damn it. Not pull her leg off by saying, “drama na karo!” or “magarmach k ansoo.” (Do not judge me for this one. I am a very straight forward person and it’s not directly related to someone. It’s the sad reality of this men based society and the word “double standards” made me think of it.)

Sometimes we lose ourselves for someone we want more in our lives, more than ourselves. They just hit us so hard, we can’t let them fly off just like that. We give up. We bend. And that’s the moment when they think, “oh we caught her. She’s caged now. We can do whatever we want.” You’re being WORST HUMAN here. I am not talking about relationships here. Even your best friend (girl to girl) can ditch you and tell your other friends, “oh you’ll see that she’ll suffer without me. She will realize and come back crying. I would wait for that moment when she’s guilty.” Dude, before saying that, please hit yourself on the wall so hard that your brain falls off. She will be hurt because she expected you to be nice, not a nightmare. She is hurt because she has a heart and not a stone in her chest unlike you. She was just loyal to you and expected you that the least you’ll do for her is BE NICE!

There’s so much to talk about, so many things that we don’t realize but comes out with the matter of time. What I’ve personally seen in this freaking yet amazingly surprising world is that sentiments don’t matter. Wealth does. Come on! All you need to do is make something and cash it off with things that will satisfy your wants and needs. You won’t take anything to grave, so why break the most important people in your life for its sake? If you cannot speak it off, leave it on God. He will sort your problem. But never change from being good to a “normal human being” for the sake of others. God is watching, ALL THE TIME. If the world doesn’t care about your feelings, He will. Just stay strong. Don’t let them damage you. And if they do, let it go. You’re better than that.


3 thoughts on “The Deep Inside Stuff

  1. Little Girl…! Life is full of surprises..! Ups and downs will come and all we need to stay up in our downs and down in our ups…! Loving your article… 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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