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7 Shades of Men

I won’t claim that I COMPLETELY know men; of course, I DON’T. It’s always complicated to know a human being especially of the opposite gender. But the things I know are at least precise and so to the point. We being those internally suppressed, melodramatic, and extremely sensitive women ignore a few things that men has and end up misjudging them. We expect them to reply to one of our IMPORTANT texts, and end up in tears at 3:00 am with “seen” but no response while they’re fast asleep and have no idea that they’ve even opened the message. They do that, so normally. The next morning, oh they’ll face hell lot of things that they won’t have a single idea about. “Did I read the message? When? Come on, I was asleep. Maybe I scrolled through it while asleep.” But no woman would believe that, EVER! When would we understand that they’re born that way? As per my observation, all men are NOT the same. But there are certain things that make them OBVIOUS among both genders.

I’ve seen people crying over STUPID things that they’ve to go through due to their men. I don’t, of course, judge them for being stupid but I would definitely laugh at first, and then say, “come on, he’s a man (human). Go with it.” Want to know those OBVIOUS things about men that you should get used to, by now? There you go!

1. They Forget Easily:

Remember the last time you planned a movie with your partner and didn’t go to watch it? Happens every time unless you REMIND them. Yes, they need to be TOLD way too often. You’ve to tell them every hour of the day that you like red so that he REMEMBERS it. Believe it or not but they can even forget your favorite color and if they get you something orange instead of purple, it’s YOUR mistake that you didn’t tell him too often or maybe he saw you in orange one day, you looked pretty and he ASSUMED that you like that color 😀

2. They Need Space:

Every single time, YES! They need a time out. They have a life to tackle with, too. They definitely need a break from your rants and woes to discuss their own with their mates. They won’t tell you of course but they’ll take it. Give it to them. Let them have it. If you do, they’ll miss you in that space, somehow! That’s a plus for you, YO! 😛

3. They Like a Change:

Making the same dish every day? They’ll start eating out. It’s for all the moms out there who make daal chawal every day because their son likes it. No lady, wake up. He might be eating outside and sneaking orders from pizza hut in the middle of the night. Don’t give them the same thing every day. Not even if it’s a pair of jeans from two different brands but of the same color. They like CHANGES!

4. Food is NOT their Thing:

Remember your mom telling you that if you cook well, your husband will love you forever? Not these days, babies! It’s no more their thing. Let them play on their XBOX or PSP or watch their favorite game while sitting next to them having a cup of tea or snacks with them and THAT’S IT. They’ll love you FOREVER! You can also start up with your whining. They won’t even care. All they’ll do is pretend that they’re listening but they aren’t. But at least, they’re not getting bored with it and you’re letting your heart out at the same time. Not a bad deal 😛

5. They’ve Weaknesses:

Even the strongest man on this planet has a weak point and will have tears in their eyes for someone. Don’t let them down. Men DO CRY! If they back off from something, talk through it. They might have a point that you should understand.

6. When they Talk, Let them:

Even in a group of close friends, let them TALK even if they’re wrong. Support them at that time. They feel respected. Even if they’re lying about something, pretend that it’s the truth. They’ll appreciate it later.

7. They Like to be Asked:

No, not in a sense of “permission.” But they like to be asked for suggestions. If you’re getting a pair of boots or heels, even then they like to have an input. Ask them about EVERYTHING because when you do, they don’t say no. But if you do it and LET THEM KNOW, they’ll get mad (my Dad’s case) 😀

Next time, be intelligent and UNDERSTAND them. Cheers!

-Arsh Azim

10 thoughts on “7 Shades of Men

  1. The blog and over all information are pretty interesting interms of knowing faces or the shades of men. I totally second your points specially the men who need change and want space in their life. Not all women can understand easily Men’s nature P.s those who has good sens of humor and mature enough. 🙂

    I like the way you described each type very well with its example. #hatsoff

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was fun reading it and yeah you have nailed the points quite right.

    But you know what? – I am quite different than that and not many people can guess the type of person i am – haha 🙂 – only some special people 😛

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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