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Randomness of the Day

Randomness of the Day

At one moment you’re all happy and cheering up but in an instance, you just give up. You’re nervous, scared, fearing stuff, and every scary word in the dictionary. Things scare you, people scare the hell out of you. I really don’t know how to explain it. You know that your dreams are coming true, you’re getting what you’ve truly loved and desired, but then again, you’re scared. You’re on mute and not very excited about whatever is happening but at the same time feel like you’re getting EVERYTHING in an instance which is of course exciting. You don’t want to talk about it but then again, you want to scream all the damn things out.

You lose what you have so isn’t it better not to have it at all? No gain, no loss! I can’t sum things up. My vocabulary has given up. Maybe, I should wind the day up!

Oh, darn it. It’s just a “mute day” and I like the way it is. These thoughts, I want to get rid of them RIGHT NOW! Let it be, let it go.


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