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Top 3 Tourist places in Kerala

Many of you might have heard about Kerala especially if you’re living somewhere in the Middle East. And if you’re from India, you definitely know about it. To be honest, I never heard the name before I moved to Dubai but after I got to know, I believe majority of Indians in this city are from Kerala who’ve been living here since ages.

Ever wondered what Kerala tourism would be like? After I met the people here, I was fascinated and thought to learn about the city especially if I go as a tourist. Hence, after my random study on this place, I thought to pen down some major things that one can see there while being a tourist. And to enlist them permanently on my mind, I thought to share it here so that it stays in my travel journal FOREVER! How cool is that? So here are the top 3 tourist places in Kerala that must not be missed EVER!

  1. Vadakkunnathan Temple

This is a very old Hindu temple and is completely dedicated to Shiva at city of Thrissur. This temple was made in a classic architectural style and is surrounded by monumental towers. You’ll also find various Mural paintings showcasing different episodes of Mahabharata within the temple. This place has been declared as a National Monument by India and is one of a must-see tourist place. If you’re into history or like ancient places, you should never miss this place.

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia
  1. Muzhappilangad Beach

Are you a beach fanatic? If yes, this is the place where you need to go. The total length of this place is 5.5 km and is located parallel to National Highway 66 which is between Kannur and Thalassery. The interesting part about this beach is that it is the longest Drive-In Beach in India. You might think here that Goa has beautiful beaches, right? Yes, it does. But here comes the fun fact: There’s no drive-in beach in Goa.

Anyways, if you’re going in April, you’ll also get to see the beach festival which is a very important tourist attraction. You’ll also find drifting and wheeling on the bikes here. Adventures, eh? Yay!

Courtesy: Indiamike
Courtesy: India mike
  1. Thekkady

Another tourist attraction place is Kerala is the location of Periyar National Park. Thekkady is located near to Kerala-Tamil Nadu border and this place has its fame due to its different types of grass lands. It has herds of elephants, sambar, Nilgiri, Tigers, and what not. Sounds scary, right? It’s not, and the reason is because it’s a wildlife sanctuary and people from faraway places come to visit this area. These herds come down and drink in the lake and that’s what tourists come to see. You can visit this place by trekking, boating, or jeep safari.

Courtesy: Bluebirdtravels
Courtesy: Blue bird travels

So next time you’re visiting India or if you’ve plans to see that place at least once, do not miss the things that I mentioned. They’re on my list;)

Until next time!

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