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If you’ve these 5 Habits, You’re a Born Leader

I have seen people in my life who are CEOs and Directors of big companies but it feels like they’re not worth it. And then there are those who are your random co-workers, department supervisors, or team members but you believe that they can be great leaders. Intentionally or unintentionally, they run the policies and team in a way as well. Yes, you don’t realize it but their points are considered. I’ve been among those lucky ones, BTW. 😉 How would you know if you’re a born leader? Have you ever pondered over it? If you look at your hand, you get to see five fingers. Right? Oh everyone knows that. 😛 But have you ever wondered what would they mean to a born leader? I felt like sharing my point of view so here you go. If you’ve these below things in you, you’re the one! Who cares if you’re not a leader. Your soul is leading 😉

Born Leader

1. Thumb

You appreciate everything. If you get to hear one great idea, you can’t help admiring it even if it seems impossible. You don’t let any point of view down and like to consider it. Or at least, make others feel like you really like it even if it’s not going to work in the future. Everything is a Thumbs up for you!

2. Forefinger

You point out important things. For instance, if there is a presentation going on and you see one small thing that can turn out into something beneficial or is confusing enough to not understand it clearly, it would definitely bother your dreams and you’d work on it to get it done or solved. Yes, you like pointing things out even if they’re minor and let others think about it too.

3. Middle Finger

You give a damn about non-serious things. There are bosses who like to interfere everywhere but you’re not one of them. You’ve other important things to do so you let others do what they want to do even if they’re wrong. All you believe in is that if they do make a mistake, they’ll learn from it in their own way which, you believe, is more beneficial than you telling them. And oh, don’t forget that you ALWAYS stand out, even if you’re in the crowd 😉

4. Ring Finger

You keep your people close to yourself. You give all the employees a space of their own, like to get involved in fun activities, and help them in their tasks. You believe that if your heart is clean, nothing can bring you down. Your beliefs are not like those who think that if they tell their idea in public, it will be stolen. You like to think of others and help them in their work with full potential as if they’re your own tasks.

5. Little Finger

You’re naturally kind. You listen, accept your mistakes and work on them, take breaks every now and then, and like to be idealized and prioritized. People simply can’t ignore you even if they want to. They’ll take your point of you. You like giving statements and making your point.

Do you have these qualities? If the answer is yes then you definitely are a born leader 🙂

Until next time.

-Arsh Azim

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