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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 1


Do you feel at Home by Arsh

Wow! So I found something really interesting today while going through everyday blog reading and it was on Shehzeen’s blog. A little about this desi wonder woman, she has been someone I regularly follow and I can way too much relate to her posts so yeah, she is always on my regular reading list. If you haven’t read about her yet, go check her blog out RIGHT NOW! (Nope, I am not buttering up, I really personally like her!)

Anyways, let’s talk about today’s post. I keep on getting involved in Social Blogging/Instagram challenges and the last favorite one on my blog was NaBloPoMo that I did in November 2014 which gave my quite a good boost in keeping my blog updated! (Whoa! It’s been way too long!) :O

This series I am jumping into is about Oprah’s 20 questions that every woman should ask herself. Each week, there would be a question and you’d answer that in the form of a write-up, image, or anything you like. Maybe a painting? Painting hit me because I sometimes paint and who knows that I MIGHT share something if the question really makes me feel like sharing something that is not words.

So here comes the first question: 
Do you feel at home?

To me, feeling at home would rather mean feeling content. But people take the meaning of content wong sometimes. Carrying a smile on your face all your life is NOT being content. Ask me, I am always seen smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes but no wonder my write ups say something else. Let me tell you a secret. My dad used to call me a “nakaam ashiq” every time after he’d read my poetry being published somewhere. Haha! I don’t really know where do they come from. Subconscious? LOL. Yes, I (unintentionally) write sad stuff but who doesn’t?

Now, at the age of 24, being recently married, I admit that I feel somehow content. I was a free bird, all my life. Have been living in boarding schools, made hundreds of friends who are still in touch, and then jumped into making a good career just in another country where I knew none (moving to Dubai right after my Masters Degree). Yes, this brought me confidence to face any kind of situation on my own. It’s really hard to think about what I have been through. It’s not that my parents didn’t or couldn’t take care of me. They really loved me, they still do. But I like being independent and this was the choice I made for myself to which they had to say yes. After all, they knew I’d still be on my own no matter how hard they try. So they let me pursue my dreams. I fell, I learned. And in order to fulfill my promise and responsibility of not letting them down, I worked hard to make a good name and achieve what nobody ever thought I could (except a few special people in my life.)

Today, I am a happily established, settled, and independent woman. Being with the man whom you’ve truly loved is not everything but being with someone who totally gets you means more than anything. You have your differences but you know that those differences won’t matter. THIS IS BASICALLY BEING CONTENT. I feel at home now because I know that if someone would point out their fingers to me, I’d have someone by my side to not let me see those fingers. I feel at home by knowing that I have a shoulder to lean on and cheer about everything every day. I feel at home by assuming that whatever makes me happy would eventually make my other half happy. I feel at home by being home after every long day at work. Being at home to me means being content and happy about myself and sharing the same with the people I care about.

Wow. So I said a lot. Didn’t see that coming, though. For the next week, the question is, “What is Next?” Hmm, it needs a lot of thought process. But I can’t wait to share what I am going to come up with 😉

Yalla guys, wait for it.

-Arsh Azim

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