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Defining Mothers

Courtesy: Thumbs dreamstime
Courtesy: Thumbs dreamstime

Let’s say you’ve to define a mother. What would you say? Wait, I know. A woman who gave you birth, guarded you since you were conceived, took care of you at every stage of life, cried for you when you were sick, stayed awake all night to help you sleep and get away with nightmares, cooked for you some of your favorite and non-favorite meals (I have to be true), and many other uncountable things. I can’t just count them. From what I have heard, they have done way too many things for you!

You sometimes can’t tell them that you care but they know. You’re scared of shadows and don’t let anyone know but they do. They know that you can’t be left alone anywhere and so they stick. When they don’t, you get lost. (I am talking about childhood.)

Knowingly or unknowingly, they care. And sometimes, we can’t see it. But they’re not supposed to show it either. I have seen mothers abusing their kids but do they really mean it? I don’t think so. They’re just pissed. Who protected you when your dad got pissed? Whom did you talk to first when you wanted your father to know or seek permission from him? You know that they’ll handle it like an expert and you just let it out on your only mom. And what if the thing is way too huge that they get mad and stop talking to you? There comes a WOMAN, but later, after weeks, months, or maybe years, their unconditional love of a mother wakes up. Oh well, some day.

Get into a fight with your mother, she won’t talk to you for weeks. Sneeze for a second and her heart will melt. How about you being at college wearing a tie in a wrong way? Do you know what they (your friends or people who see you) would say at first? “Didn’t your MOTHER teach you how to wear a tie?” Bam! All the wrong things go on a mom. She knows it but she wouldn’t mind it at all. What happens when a woman gets married, go to her husband’s home and start with her chores? They’d say, “this is all that her mom taught her” let it be good or bad. She is known even if she didn’t teach you a bit. It will all go on her.

And oh, if you’re a woman, you’d look more like your mother. Isn’t it so? I personally haven’t seen my mother but those who knew her ask me to tie my hair, and when I do, they say, “Oh, you look like your mother like a ditto!” Come on, “I look like my dad” is what I say and they respond with “You’ve no idea” nod!

Humph! I don’t know where the topic is going now. All I was supposed to do right now was to define a mother. Those many shades of mothers I wanted to talk about, I didn’t say it all. And if I try to say, it will take me ages to finish this blog. But the things that you need to remember are:

  • You are NOT and I repeat, you are NOT allowed to disrespect your mother no matter what they do to you. You have no idea what she has been through for you, and even if you know, who cares? She has been through your labor for 9 months. Can you take that? And oh listen, she has let her cut the damn umbilical cord which is a piece of her body for you to breath in the outer world! She is worth the RESPECT!
  • You are tied to your mother, dead or alive, for your whole damn life.
  • Your mother can never be a bad woman for you. No matter what the world says, or no matter how evil she is with the people, she is your MOTHER. Do you hear me?
  • If your mother doesn’t care about you, don’t bother. She cares but she doesn’t show it or she might have a reason not to show. She is tied with responsibilities and she is SUPPOSED to make everyone happy, her in-laws, husband, parents, and the “people”. So the least she can expect bad from is YOU. Take it as a form of love.
  • They have to follow the rules and still give you reasons to be happy. They will fight for your overseas trips with her husband and let you achieve your dreams. All you can do is give a smile to them every time you see them. Is that too much to ask for?
  • She will protect you if you fall in love with someone who is not acceptable. Okay, I understand that she will get mad at first. But remember, she can’t stop loving you. She will kick you out but then later, hug you tight and accept what you love. Come on, she is a woman. She feels just a little over-protected and concerned about you that you might get hurt.

All that and much more that I don’t know of, I just wish all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. Trust me, it’s not just one day. Every day is a Mother’s Day and me being a woman, truly and whole heartily respect you besides the fact that I have not been into any positive experience from a mother’s end. But your respect will always lie in my heart. All I have been hearing and reading is that a mother is kind and I believe in that. You all Mothers are cute and appealingly kind. Slap me hard and I won’t mind because I know that you’re a mother and you might have been through a lot. So, it’s really okay.

Love for all the Mothers in the World.

Double love for fathers, though 😉

PS. Here’s something from my past.

-Arsh Azim

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