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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 2

What is Next by Arsh

So I started this series of Oprah 20 Questions Challenge last week and here I am with the second question. Just in case if you’ve missed the first one and also need a little bit of details regarding what this series is about, just check out my last post here.

The second question goes like: What is Next?

Sounds simple but it got me kind of startled. What really is next? Is it my future? Work life? Personal relationships? Hobbies? WHAT?

This is confusing. Next can be anything. It can be your future, the next step you’re planning to take in your professional life, future plans that you make in your personal life, and much more. To me, “what is next” is what is going to come in my life later? I suck at planning future because my plans never go the right way. Whenever I plan something, the opposite happens. I do plan, it’s not that I have stopped doing this very normal thing. You simply can’t stop. But this question if answered by me would go like, “I have no freaking idea about what is next in my life.” Okay, I know that everything is going in the right direction but who knows things might take turn. I can never know what is going to happen next. Who knows what God has planned for me. Next can be anything. BTW, I am planning to resume photography and painting. So yeah, that’s next.

What about you? Have your say.

Just so you know, the next week’s question is “Do I say yes enough?” Well well, wait for it 😉 Until then, yalla bye!

-Arsh Azim

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