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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 3

Do I say Yes Enough by Arsh

The series of Oprah 20 Questions is regular till now (Alhamdolillah) on my blog and I am so happy about it. I am here with the 3rd question to answer and it’s so intriguing to me. It’s interesting and at the same time tough! Just in case if you want to know or have missed what this post is about, you need to check this out first.

So let’s begin here: Do I say yes enough?

I say YES to EVERYTHING. Believe me or not but it’s just so hard to say no. When I was a student, I don’t remember saying no. Even if something was bad, I’d explain the consequences to the next person but would say yes. One important thing here: I had explained the consequences in such a way that they backed off themselves. God, you saved me here, every time and I am so thankful for that! ❤

Saying yes is hard too, trust me. If someone comes to me to borrow some money, even if I am broke, I’d say yes and manage it somehow. Yes, I have suffered because of it. Way too much in fact. But now, with time, I believe I am recovering. God helps me, every single time. Bad things happen and I believe that if it was me instead of the other person asking for something, I’d never like to hear a no. I’d be disappointed and being sensitive, kind of broken too. So yes, I DO say yes, WAY TOO ENOUGH.

But now, my “yes” is turning not into NO but a shy gesture. Guess why? I have a husband to tell me what is right and how to say no to the wrong. Even though he tries hard, I just can’t handle it much. I get pissed, I argue, but I try. And then, if I say no, I am guilty. Saying yes is something that’s my habit. Maybe it is in my genes. I remember my dad saying yes to everything even if it would kill him. So hey, it’s HIS fault, okay? 😀 By the way, I said yes to N’s proposal even though I wasn’t ready. IMAGINE! 😛 Now I am 24 and saying yes is something that makes me feel proud of myself, to be honest. It has taught me taking risks, getting the best out of life, living in the present, being happy. It’s bad but it’s good too. Yes, I say Yes enough 🙂

So the next week, I’ll talk about “Do I care too much about what people think?” Oh Lord, it’s BIG. Let’s wait to answer.

Until then 🙂

-Arsh Azim

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