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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 4

Do I care too much about what people think by Arsh

Yay, quite successful in keeping up with the Oprah 20 Questions challenge. Let’s get straight to the 4th question.

Do I care too much about what people think?

No, and Yes.

No; when it’s just about me and the things that I do. If they think something that isn’t appropriate and about something that is totally my personal act, I GIVE A DAMN!

Yes, if it’s related to the people WAY TOO close to me.

Look, caring too much about what people THINK is different than caring too much about what people SAY. Here, the question is about thinking. I said Yes to which people would think that I am way too arrogant. Do I care? No. But if it was about SOMEONE very close to me, like if I do the certain act and it will bring negative thoughts on the other person too, I’d definitely be concerned.

I have grown up way too earlier than my age, experienced a lot, been happy in worst times, faced hardships and didn’t even care, and so on. So what people think about me is not very important to me. I do what my heart says because it took me on the right path most of the times. The times when it didn’t, I learned. So the point is if my closest people approve something that I am going to do, way to go. Even if they don’t, I’d convince them. So Yay to me.

I’d never jump into something that would make people judge me. And even if they do, when do they not? They’re humans. They think, good or bad. Doesn’t matter. A human’s nature is to think all the time especially when they have a free wandering mind and nothing to do. Honestly, I feel pity for such people. No offence but such people really need to find something good to do than thinking ABOUT people. Dude, think of them, not ABOUT them.

The answer is, “No, I DO NOT care too much about what people think.” Maybe I have matured up now. At least, seems to be after this answer.

For next week, the question is, “Do I Examine My Life Enough?”

In case you missed the third question, here’s the link.

Until then.

-Arsh Azim

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