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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 5

Let’s get straight to the question because I have been waiting to answer this one since the last post.

The question is, “Do I Examine My Life Enough?”

Do I Examine my Life Enough by Arsh

What does examining your life mean to you? Thinking about how you’d been in your past, where do you currently stand, how would your future look like? This is a common thing and I believe everybody does that. But for me, examining my life is a HUGE thing. I don’t see what I did in my past, I don’t get stuck in my present and about my future, I HAVE NO IDEA. All I examine in my life is that whether the people around me whom I care about are happy from me? Can I be good to someone every day? Did I hurt someone and if I did, can it be fixed? This is what life means to me.

I remember that when I was a kid, I used to examine/observe everything and always asked way too many questions. Once I went to a random sea view place in Pakistan (Haripur) with dad, cousin, and siblings. I remember that dad parked the car and we started walking when suddenly I saw three men wearing a scarf on their faces. I asked my dad if they were thieves since they dressed up that way, He said, “No, baita! They are uncles.” I wasn’t satisfied with the answer though I was only 5 at that time. When we went back to the car, we saw the same men with guns in their hands and surrounding our car. I was like I KNEW IT! Anyways, they didn’t harm us and dad sorted things out which is another long story. No harm was done and they were caught by the police. But the point here is, since I was a kid, I used to EXAMINE way too much!

From where I was before to where I stand today are the biggest stories of my life. I’ve been shrunk, molded, and now totally a new human being. In fact, I feel like I wake up as a new human being every day. I examine every single day of my life. It’s different after marriage especially. You need to take care of everything. You’re not a priority, your other half and everything related to him is. My life, I believe is his life and examining it SHOULD be my priority. Yes, I do examine my life enough. I know what I have been through but I don’t know what the future has for me. All I pray for is that it should be good, peaceful, and should make me happy. What else can one want? Happiness is everything. And if I go wrong somewhere, this examining my life everyday thing makes it right the next day. No grudges, no pressure.

The 6th question is “What Do I Really Want to Do All Day?” and I can’t wait to answer. In case you want to challenge yourself and start up with the series, you need to check my very first post here.

See you next week.

-Arsh Azim

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