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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 6

What do I really Want to do All Day by Arsh

For this week, let’s answer the most interesting question until now.

What Do I Really Want to Do All Day?” 

I have been an all rounder all my life. Jack of all? No, but yes, master in few. I mean, I do like to try everything good. I paint, write, play basketball (and other sports), cook (after getting married, regularly), capture, talk, create playlists, generate ideas for all kinds of events (for friends etc.), LOVE to brainstorm and THINK, but by degree, I am a psychologist. WOW! Can you believe that? Art and science? Ah, I know this is versatile. But versatility isn’t always good. I used to study people, do experiments on kids (as a part of the study, of course), conduct interesting tests which I LOVED because I always ended up with situations like I KNEW IT! I remember that once I was sitting alone in University (that rarely happened) and one of my friends came to me asking if I ever get bored by sitting like that. I replied with a smile, “I’ve things to think on. That’s not letting me get bored at all.” She was amazed!

So now, let’s come to the answer of this REAL question. I want to do EVERYTHING that makes me happy all day. It totally depends on my mood. I’d love to write all my life but sometimes, I just hate it. My brain stops working and I just get ashamed of myself. I know it’s weird. On the other hand, I get a painter’s block for years! IMAGINE. It’s depressing! You have crayons, paints, and other creative stuff right in front of you and you have no idea what to do with it. Then you see your previous artwork and be like, “DID I REALLY PAINT THAT?” Damn, this feeling!

For now, I feel like I should be working on making things better, making myself better with each day, learn good things (since the education never stops), and work on being a good person. Honestly, I sometimes forget what I need to do. I’ve written on post-its, in diaries, I’ve even written movies and places to watch with N, and so much more. I have way too many things to do but honestly, I’ll do things that make me and my other half happy. Priorities, you see!

What I really want to do all day is ace my job, work on making my husband happy, spend quality time with people I love, ignore the negativity, follow up my regular sports/gym, AND do what I LOVE and now a days it’s working on making myself better and better, spiritually, emotionally, and physically!

Ha, things change and so does this mood. For now, that’s what I really want to do. Next week, I might dwell into writing, the other into photography, and later might switch the job! Haha! Things change, man. You can’t be consistent ALL THE TIME!

Here comes the 7th Question: “Do I feel My Feelings?”

In case you want to participate along, you need to see the first post of this series for details.

Until next time, readers.

-Arsh Azim

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