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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 7

Do I feel My Feelings by Arsh

So it’s week 7, YAY! Let’s answer this question: Do I feel My Feelings?

What do one really mean by feelings? Because feelings are always inside. You don’t always show them. In fact, you modify them if in case you want to show them and that becomes an emotion. Such a tough question, isn’t it?

Being a sensitive person, I DO feel my feelings more than a normal person. I even feel the feelings of others, let alone my own. Come on guys, I write poetry and my dad used to call me nakaam ashiq (flop lover) from the way I used to write but trust me, I had NO SINGLE relationship! In fact, people used to tell me to be a GIRL (tomboy stuff, you know!). I used to cry over sad movies, or if my roommates didn’t take me to mess (for lunch or dinner), it used to turn me into a sad soul and so I’d write some deep shit that would turn into a poem cum yearning for a beloved 😀 haha! Good old and student life!

Sometimes, I don’t feel certain things but later, they get me thinking about them over and over again and that’s the moment I hate. When the time is RIGHT to feel the feelings, I don’t. When it’s gone, I mess my brain up! Lulz. Well, who wouldn’t? Even a hardcore surgeon practicing since decades and who’ve seen thousands being dead in his Operation Theater would feel his feelings. It’s just about expressing them in the form of emotions which many of us don’t. Sometimes, the death of a very close person won’t bother me while other times, if someone smashes my balloon (yes, I LOVE balloons, don’t start judging me and all now!) I’ll cry rivers (been there, done that, I SWEAR). Okay enough of making fun of myself 😛

Cya until the next question which is, “Do I know how to say no?”

Complete series is here

-Arsh Azim

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