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What Do We Do With All This Emptiness?

What Do We Do With All This Emptiness by Arsh

There comes a time when you feel empty inside out. Nothing amuses you and you just want to lie down, watch stuff, give a damn, don’t even talk or complain and let it be. You stare at the walls and feel blank. You watch TV but don’t understand what’s in it. You pray but don’t feel like asking for anything and just say Hi to God. You reply with a Yes and No because your words might come out wrong if you talk more than a word. That’s the moment you lose. You lose yourself basically. You feel totally shallow. Yes, talk less. Okay.

You give up, on yourself and others. You might have believed in someone or something and it didn’t go the way you EXPECTED. Ah, expectations. Don’t they always hurt? Why had I been living in the present? Because I wanted to be happy. Why did I change that schedule if it was making me happy? Things changed. Why did I let things change? There you go; all my fault. What do I do? Feel empty. There you go, answer. You came up on the right time.

Am I happy? Yes. Do I care? No. Do I know what I am writing? No. Is it random? Kind of. Am I empty? Yes. What do we do with all this emptiness? Take it to nowhere. What an answer. Didn’t I just say that words come out wrong? Yes.

Okay then. Bye, minimalist!

-Arsh Azim

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