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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 8

Do I Know How to Say No by Arsh

It’s week 8 so let’s get to Oprah’s Challenge about 20 questions every woman must ask herself. Don’t know what the challenge is all about? Check out my first post and you’ll get an answer since all the details are mentioned there 😉

So the question for today is, “Do I know how to say no?”

Well, to be honest, saying no is the hardest thing for me to do. I had been saying yes to almost everything in life except for if something asked was pretty much serious and not acceptable (which was rare). One more thing, when I say no, it’s DAMN SERIOUS. Like No or Kill situation. LOL. So now I believe you know the extent 😛

I know how to say no, yes. But I don’t say it too often unless I am in way too much trouble (read: peer pressure). Like, some day, even if I am broke and a friend asks me for some financial help, I’ll borrow it from someone else and give it to them (and then forget. Been there, done that). Also, if I am left with 10 bucks and the other person needs 9, I’ll give them 9.5 and live with a 0.5. Yes, done that too. Knowing how to say know is easy but actually saying is sometimes impossible. It has taught me a lot. Showed me the real faces of people. Grabbed me from my neck and ruined my moments. But then again, life lessons. I have learned, fallen, got up. I don’t regret not saying no. I like being that way (although it’s not a right thing always and currently I am being pressured (read: molested) by people around me to say NO.) And to them, I can’t say no either. Guess who’s stuck here? 😀 Pretty much challenging life :$

Question 9 is pretty much exciting for me. “How do I want to be remembered?”

Oh well, let’s think about it. Until next week.

PS. In case if you’re thinking what this photo is of so let me tell you guys. It’s a chandelier that I saw yesterday in a Masjid. SO PRETTY!

-Arsh Azim

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