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Monthly Picks: May Release

Monthly Picks- May Release by Arsh

I know that I’ve been quite active on my blog for the past couple of days which is a good thing. I’ve been reviewing stuff, started a new series about Oprah 20 questions that every woman must ask herself, slowly bringing an end to a very old series of poetry that I started when I got inspired from the Forty Rules of Love and much more. Whoop, it’s way too much on my plate right now and I am happy about it 😀

Let me tell you something about this monthly picks series. I’ve been asked way too many times about my best choices, routine, things I can recommend to people, new things in my life, etc. Though, I do not share what I have been doing lately, what am I buying, what I like because it’s all personal but then, I decided to twist it up the other way round. I’ve been seeing these monthly series on different blogs and it was kind of mundane so never started it. Hence, I thought why to stick to one thing and instead, talk about different categories in one post that will sum up my whole month? That’s cool, right? So yeah, kick-starting another series on my blog from today which will be posted every month and you’re going to check new stuff. I hope you’ll like it. Comments, pretty please? I’d LOVE to have recommendations though. I mean, who wouldn’t?

So here are my monthly picks for the month of May and I’ll talk about ONE thing from major categories, okay? Let’s BEGIN! 😛

Books: Okay so I recently purchased this BEAUTIFUL Quran and what not to love about it? It’s multi-colored, beautiful inside out and since Ramadan is near, I’d have a GREAT book to read. Available in different colors, you can order it from here. And yes, they do ship to all countries including Pakistan and UAE.

Rainbow Quran

Food Place: I and N had a chance to try Tandoori Themed Night Dinner at The Californian Dusit Thani Dubai and it was AMAZING. A complete review was posted a few days back. Check it out here. Highly recommended if you’ve got Desi taste buds like ours 😀

Makeup Pick: Everyone who knows me also know that I DO NOT put on makeup (unless there’s someone aiming a gun on my forehead. Life is important, you know). I majorly go for lipsticks and it’s my EVERYDAY pick. Okay Mascara is my thing too but not an everyday stuff. This month, I have been insanely putting up this orange and I have no idea why. Maybe summers? I love it. Ablaze 032 Lipstick from HnM. Very affordable, BTW.

Orange Lipstick by HnM

Movie Watch: Binge watched 5 movies this week (yes, it’s coming from a person who watches one movie a month) but totally LOVED Airlift (missed it in the cinema so had to bring it home). It’s about the history of India when Iraq invades Kuwait in the 90s. Truly inspirational.

TV Show: Huge fan of mystery, funny series, and suspense. Yes, that’s me. Binge watch almost all great shows (except GOT. Watched first 6 episodes and didn’t like it AT ALL, no offense.) Currently watching How to Get Away with Murder and finished the first season. I can’t wait to finish the next one in no time.

Going to Try: Stumbled upon this mask in Sephora at Dubai Mall and picked a few according to my skin. Though I don’t put on masks on my face (except the once in a blue moon honey and rose water routine when I feel pity for my face). My skin regime is just a face wash, baby lotion and rose water but I am going to try one this month. If I love it (nope, I don’t like the “like” thing. I either LOVE or don’t love 😀 ), I am definitely sharing my views here. Else, it goes to the dustbin.

Face Masks by Sephora

Jewelry Item: Crazy but these earrings these days. Okay, orange is my new favorite I guess :O

Orange Earrings by Arsh

New Place Visit: Visited Atlantis Aquaventure park last Friday and it was insanely hot (Yes, 50 degrees) :O But loved the place. Since, in these 2 and a half years, I had never been to these water parks in Dubai (such a shame) so N insisted on going because it was a long weekend 😀 LOVED it. Best ride? Leap of faith and that capsule one (forgot the name). These two were the most dangerous ones, trust me!

Latest Addition: You all know by now that I am a basketball freak. N saw this on the cashier counter at Carrefour and said,  “Hey, it’s a basketball.” I didn’t even look at it and grabbed it because there was the word basketball in it 😀 Later, realized that it’s a lollypop (actually, bro in law noticed when he was over for dinner). Bashed bro in law and him twice in the game. One minute timer and go! Winner speaking here 😀 So here’s another souvenir in my basketball collection, thanks to hubby! 😛

Basketball Lollypop by Arsh

Like the series? Want me to do more? Need changes? Want something additional? Let me know, okay? Thank you 😀

-Arsh Azim

13 thoughts on “Monthly Picks: May Release

  1. Finally, you listened to our suggestions 😛 😛 So happieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you, Arsh. Love love love love it and would luv to see mooooooooooooooooooore

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was my first attempt to read your any blog Arsh so can’t compare it with your previous work but I think it’s a good idea, sharing views on multiple or different things within a single blog. Like a fruit trifle ; a little bit of everything in one plate. And it should be inspirational & motivational. 🙂 keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much darling. Your words mean a lot. And yes, going to continue it the way I am seeing the response 🙂 Wasn’t expecting it 😀 Gotta work on the inspirational stuff in the coming weeks 🙂 Love ❤


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