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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 10

What am I afraid of by Arsh

Never thought that I’ll ever be able to answer this question but today I definitely have to do it because it’s Oprah’s 20 questions challenge. What am I afraid of is a very challenging one, trust me. Why would anyone want to tell their weaknesses? I mean, we all have them but are always afraid to tell them especially in public.

I don’t want to talk much about it and just come right to the point. I am secretly afraid of losses. I cannot bear ANY kind of loss, let it be a box of tic tac that has been in my bag for weeks and never eaten. It’s not that I’ve lost much but I fear this feeling WAY TOO MUCH than normal. I sometimes ASSUME that I’ll lose a certain thing and that scares the hell out of me. You know that kind of people who keep their old stuff safe? The kind that don’t let anyone even touch their old things and have a huge collection of crap? Yes, I am one of those. Imagine if I get to lose a single diary? I’ll cry rivers (been there, done that).

There, I DID IT! Now you all know what am I really afraid of. Well, I wasn’t afraid of telling it, though 😉

P.S. Sharing this picture and the reason is that I lost this ring that I got from a friend in University (kind of snatched it from her 😛 ) that she bought for only 20 Rs. but I LOVED it (who cares about the bucks?) and hence snatched it. Lost it almost a year ago and still miss it every time </3 *heart skips a beat*

Need to know what this Oprah Challenge is about? Check out my first post here and participate along if you want to. Tag me and I’ll be up for the read 😉

Next week’s question? Wait for another surprise, people!

-Arsh Azim

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