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New Emirati Fine Dining Restaurant at Radisson Blu Dubai Creek – Aseelah Preview

New Emirati Fine Dining Restaurant at Radisson Blu Dubai Creek - Aseelah Preview by Arsh

Aseelah is a new Emirati fine dining restaurant at Radisson Blu Dubai Creek and we were among those few lucky people to get to try it before it was open to general public (which is 1st June 2016).

Talking about the ambiance, it was outstanding. The colors were so calm and welcoming, it gave a true feeling of Emirati culture and traditions. The design and interior were on point. There was another section for cocktails and that was designed in a modern way. Totally on point!

Mint Lemonade and Water Melon Juice by Arsh

The Food was more than delicious. I although was expecting that it would be amazing but it was more than that. Totally rating it 5/5 (never rated any restaurant this much till date.) I am a kind of person who orders only what I am sure that it’ll be eaten all. Never like to waste food hence I didn’t try modern dishes (although I would have if I went with another perspective i.e. ignoring the authentic meaning of restaurant and go for anything else). Basically, the restaurant is all about Emirati authentic traditions so I seriously was looking forward to that and ordered all that I was SURE I am going to eat and not leave 😛 (had N to do the part along if I ditch on myself) 😉

Dates bread by Arsh

We were first served with rose water and saffron complimentary drinks in cute tiny glasses. BEST! Then I specifically ordered mint and lemon juice since I had to make some space in my tummy 😀 N, on the other hand, ordered watermelon juice which he really likes. Next, we were served with their special bread with dates on them. So mouth-watering and different.

Salad and Lentil Soup at Aseelah by Arsh

Coming to the starters, I ordered Salad while N likes Lentil soup so we were good to go. Both were out of this world. The spices were used so accurately, I couldn’t help trying both. In the mains, I’ll talk about my top favorite ones first.

Chicken Kebab at Aseelah by Arsh

We ordered Fish Biryani and it was so delicious that I have decided that any trip I make there, I am definitely ordering that again and again. It was served with tomato and chili chatni (mashed tomatoes, mint, and chili, it’s a sauce). In the same category comes chicken kebab served with yogurt that is a must order every time I go there, too. So juicy and mildly spicy and just look at that picture above. So sumptuous while the presentation was truly traditional. LOVED them both!

Chicken Kebab at Aseelah by Arsh

In desserts, fell in love with Logaimat at first instance. Could we pack some was the statement I thought of, believe me! 😀 Not a dessert fan but we ate them all :O Oh Lord, it was the BEST!

All of the images are shared below of whatever we tried. My recommendations are as per my taste so I am not sure about the rest, I and N have decided where to go when we are craving for quality and authentic food. Aseelah is a place to be!

Chicken biryani and Fish Biryani at Aseelah by Arsh

Chicken and Fish Biryani to the rescue!

Stuffed Chicken at Aseelah by Arsh

Stuffed Chicken curry. Who wouldn’t love that?

Harees at Aseelah by Arsh

Yummy Harees topped with cheese. *drools*

Traditional Emirati Food at Aseelah by Arsh

This is how our table looked like. So simple on point man! LOVE IT!

The prices were totally worth it. They’re in medium range and I believe many of you could afford it once in a while. My suggestion? GO FOR IT. You’d NOT regret it at all. Especially if you’re looking for Emirati cuisine that can be tempting and delicious, then it’s a must.

Location: Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek, 2nd Floor.

Am I going there again? YES. Over and over again!

Recommendation: OF COURSE!

Until next blog 😀

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