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Monthly Picks: June Release

Monthly Picks- June Release by Arsh

Since you all know it’s Ramadan and I have been quiet on my blog. I know it’s not good but I have been stuck with a few important things and so can’t give much time here (I know it’s the worst excuse but I am sorry). I’ll be active after Ramadan for sure inshaaAllah! Oh hey, I have turned 25 today! Woohoooo *Happy Dance* Finally a silver jubilee 😀 😀 😀

Any ways, last month, I started this new series of Monthly picks and since I promised that I’ll be regular with this, so I have to fulfill it NO MATTER WHAT! Here is the last post in case you missed it. I also talked about the rainbow Quran in that post and I need to tell you all that it’s also available in Carrefour just in case if you’re interested. I myself saw it in Carrefour Mall of the Emirates BTW (thanks Sidra for letting me know as well.)

The monthly picks of June are pretty much interesting for me since they cover up the important things. Majorly, they’re from my routine. Wanna know? Here you go 😀

Books: I have TWO books on my active shelf that I have to read but I cannot (lack time) hence I won’t share them. Instead, I’ll stick with Quran for this Holy month!

Food Place: Wait wait, didn’t I talk about Aseelah already? It’s the most delicious and traditional Emirati restaurant in Dubai, people. Here is the complete review and if you are missing on it, you must go there right away. 😀 You’ll get to have the BEST food there!

Makeup Pick: Thought to talk about this eyeliner that I have been using since the past 3 years. No other liquid eyeliner could beat this one. So fresh and looks pretty. Gives me the look that I always need, cat eye 😉 Automate from Marks & Spencer and no, not expensive at all!

Eyeliner Marks & Spencer by Arsh

Movie Watch: We had a chance to go for the advance screening of Finding Dory at VOX Deira City Center in their new HUGE IMAX Cinema (largest cinema in MENA with wider screen). Wonderful experience and a great movie. It’s releasing on 16th June so you need to go and watch it. It’s funny and emotional. I and N loved it, TBH. Ellen’s voice over on Dory is just so her ❤

TV Show: So happy that Devious Maids is back 😀 Man, I love that show. The new season has started and I just want them to release all their episodes in one go 😛 Oh, they won’t. Well, that’s my TV Show pick of this month.

I am up to: I’ll share these old school boarding games that I’ve been insanely playing with N and other friends visiting on and off 😀 Ludo and Monopoly 😉 This Monopoly is too tiny as I couldn’t get the big one from here. Found it at Virgin and just kind of quenching my thirst of boarding games with it. If I go to Pakistan, definitely bringing the bigger one. So for the ludo. I need that BIG LUDO, MAN! :O

Boarding Games by Arsh

Recipe to Try: Since it’s Ramadan so I thought to share these two quick recipes. This is Chicken yogurt sattay. All I did was cut the chicken breast in cubes, marinate for 3 hours in yogurt and some spices (anything you like). I used chili, coriander, and cumin powders with some salt and pepper and then froze them for the whole day. The next day, I put them in these bamboo sticks after defrost, added capsicum and sweet green chili and deep fried them for iftar. How quick and easy, man! Sprinkle some lemon and serve. You can also add tomatoes, potatoes and anything else that you like in the center.

Chicken Yogurt Sattay by Arsh

Another recipe is this quick green chutney (who wouldn’t love it with samosa, pakora, and everything else?) and you can make it withing 3 minutes. All you need is coriander, mint, garlic and ginger paste or cloves (I use paste), a pinch of salt, and that’s all. Toss them all in a juicer, and you’re good to go. I make it in a good amount so that I can use it for the next few days. Easy and quick, isn’t it? 😀 Also, you can add yogurt if you want.

Green Chutney by Arsh

Jewelry Item: I’ll call this jewelry 😀 Said goodbye to all my wrist watches after N gifted me this Apple Watch as a (Pre) Birthday Present 😛 Woohoo! Say hello to my new gadget (gadget fan speaking here).

Apple Watch by Arsh

New Place Visit: Haven’t been to Ski Dubai yet so planning to go there this Eid. Yes, that’s my plan! Such an adventurous partner in crime I’ve got 😀

Latest Addition: Can you see these green Arabian wall frames? A best friend gifted as a house warming present. The went straight up to the Holy corner (Arabian Decor Wall) in my home. Interesting thing is that her mom made these. Yes, they’re handmade! Can’t believe it? I didn’t too but since I know her mom makes these things so I have to believe it no matter what 😛 She makes these awesome handmade things and has her exhibitions around UAE. Interested to buy them? You can let me know and I can check with her for the business inquiries 🙂

Arabian Decor by Arsh

How was it? Come on guys, bring on the comments! Need something new? Or want me to go to a new place around me? Time to SHARE brossssssssss! 😀 See ya!

-Arsh Azim

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