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Goa Worth a Vacation this Year

Goa Worth a Vacation this Year by Arsh

So I’ve been talking about various vacation spots lately and the more I am exploring about India, my interest level is increasing. It’s such a must visit place especially due to its culture and beauty. Today, I am going to talk about Goa since it’s one of the most visited places in India.

There’re many sightseeing places to visit in Goa but I’ve chosen my favorites. Ready? Let’s scroll below to see what they are 😉

  • Beaches

Going to Goa and not visiting a beach would be such a loss. There are over 25 beaches and the most famous ones are Baga, Anjuna, and Arambol. I am definitely going to go to one of those. At least I don’t want to skip on the beach fun if I am there.

  • Naval Aviation Museum

If you’re a plane/aero-freak, you can’t miss on this one. It’s a military museum and portrays the Indian aviation history. I love history and I’d love to learn more about this place and seeing it LIVE!

  • 18th June Road

While hearing this name, I suddenly remembered the 2nd December road in Dubai and was like, “it’d be just a normal road” but it’s NOT! This 18th June road is the most attractive and busy tourist area in Panaji having various restaurants and shopping places. Why not visit, man?

  • Viceroy’s Arch

Going to Goa and not checking out the history won’t be fair. This is one of the oldest places established in 1599 made of laterite and green granite. This is the main arch used to enter the old Goa. It was rebuilt in 1954 after collapsing.

  • Dudhsagar Falls

Sea of milk? SERIOUSLY? What a place would it be? I am a nature freak. Have been to almost all the northern areas in Pakistan and still want to go every time. Nature never gets old for me. This place is so on my hitlist. After seeing a few pictures online, I am DYING to go to this place. The place is just 60 km from Panaji and these are India’s tallest waterfalls. AWESOME!

So, guys, these are the places on my list that I’d definitely visit if I am in India especially the Dudhsagar Falls. Sounds more like Niagra falls. 😀 By the way, if you’re planning to go anytime soon, you can have a look at these tour packages. They are reasonable and won’t put a burden on your pockets. After all, you need some extra cash for extra fun 😀

-Arsh Azim

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