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Monthly Picks: July Release

Monthly Picks- July Release by Arsh

So Ramadan is over, Eid is over, and we are back to the daily grind, work work work! But wait, I have vacations coming up so YAY me! My yearly vacations are starting next week and I am so excited. Have planned a lot of stuff, going to relax, work (on myself emotionally, spiritually, and everything else) and yes, got to give more time to my blog since it has been neglected for the whole month 😦 Too bad! Do you have any ideas? Share with me. I NEED them!

So let’s talk about this month’s favorites. Ready? Go!

Books: To be honest, since I am in this work schedule, I’ve sucked at reading. I buy books but never read them. I used to be a person who never slept until the book was finished. Every morning, a new book on my breakfast table was my priority but now, no breakfast table, no time to read books. And this is BAD! So I promised myself that the book which I started a year ago, (so shamelessly saying it man :O) I’ll finish it THIS week. I also ordered 3 more books that are to be read on vacations (Oh Lord, mercy) and I’ll share my reviews with you guys. So this month’s book is Paulo Coelho’s Adultery. Has any of you read it? I’ve read more than half of it and to me, it’s quite mundane. Maybe that’s the reason I am not sticking to it. Or in other words, it’s not MY TYPE of book though I LOVE this writer. Anyways, let’s stick to the plan.

Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Food Place: Okay I LOVE local food (call it Pakistani) and I don’t care if the place is fancy or not. If the food is great, I’d go to the place every day! So this month’s favorite is Hot n Spicy that opened in JLT a few months ago and is next to my workplace as well as close to home. Have been there in Ramadan for a few Iftars and is my preference in lunch breaks too. I love the chicken chatni roll and Biryani there. It’s just TOO GOOD! Have you tried it? I believe the people of Dubai have tried Tecom’s (Barsha Heights now) branch and not many of you know about JLT’s one so here, for those of you who don’t know yet 😉

Biryani at Hot n Spicy by Arsh

Makeup Pick: Totally DYING over this lipstick I bought in the beginning of this month (specifically for Eid) from Sephora. You all know that I always go for eyeliners, mascara, and lipsticks. Concealers too but majorly those three things. Lipstick is my weakness! So I am sticking to this one Sephora Rouge 5073B R05 for this month. R06 was darker and I wanted more of a red shade so bought a lighter one. Well, I had to share my reviews about some more stuff too which I LOVED from the newly opened store of Rituals in Mall of the Emirates, but I’d review those products in my later posts since they deserve a whole blog post about it 😉 wait till then!

Lipstick from Sephora by Arsh

Movie Watch: Nonother than Sultan! I mean, hats off to that movie yar! Have you guys watched it? We tried to book on Eid days but NO SINGLE seat was available in any of Dubai cinemas. Then I had to book for last week that too 4 days before and went to watch it with N and 2 other people at VOX Mall of the Emirates. WHAT A MOVIE, what an acting, what a story! The direction was AWESOME. In short, it’s funny, emotional, and a family movie. You won’t like to miss it, I am sure!

TV Show: Mistresses is BACK last month so I am sticking to it. I love this show. Binge watched it last year to catch up with the latest season and now I am updated with regular episodes 😀 The drama hooks you up like anything. It has a story, it is a little suspense and more of dramatic turns so if you’re that type, you’d like it. Though this season is quite slow but who knows, they might come up with better episodes. But the previous seasons were the best! Let’s wait and watch.

New thing to Try: Remember the masks I bought two months ago and talked about them in my first post of this series? Well, I tried the Pearl and Honey and the most effective one for me was the honey mask. It really cleared my skin and brought back the shine. Basically, my skin is VERY sensitive and I usually avoid beauty products. You can buy it from Sephora or order online from here. Costs only 20 AED per mask. They also have a pack for 4 for 70 AED just in case you want to try different options and see which one would suit you.

Sephora Honey Face Mask by Arsh

Jewelry Item: This Darvish Necklace I bought over a year ago is my favorite. Wearing it most of the time and love it. BTW, it has a teeny tiny diamond and was my first precious stone on my salary in lifetime 😛

Darvaish Necklace by Arsh

New Place Visit: We went to Dubai Ice Rink in Dubai Mall and it was AWESOME! Never been there but used to skate in my early years 😛 N on the other hand never skated before so he had troubles 😀 But since you get the whole session of 1 hour 45 minutes, you can practice and enjoy doing it. Lovely place for kids and elders as well. It was a good experience.

Dubai Ice Rink of by Arsh

Latest Addition: I am BACK to sketching (art) WOW! I had an artist block but while passing by Borders in MOE that day, couldn’t resist buying a sketching journal and charcoal pencils. So yeah, I’ll be sharing them time to time too 😉 From now, below are the first two sketches in the first journal 😀 BTW you can check my Instagram, I upload them there usually!

Charcoal Sketch Eye by Arsh

Charcoal Sketch Girl by Arsh

Hope you guys loved this month’s selection. Your comments matter so do share them. And do have a look at my last month’s selection just in case you’ve missed 😀

Quick update: I’ll be back to Oprah’s 20 questions challenge from this week. Check out my first post if you forgot what it is about 😀

See ya!

-Arsh Azim

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  1. Nice one Yar. Please tell me the price for this lipstick. And from which branch did you buy it? I never saw it in mall of Emirates. And your sketches are so deep. Good luck.

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