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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 11

Finally, I am back with the remaining questions in this series. It was a long break due to Ramadan and some other activities so I apologize if you’ve missed it. The question for today’s post is, “Why are we here?”

This question has bothered me a lot, to be honest. When I was in my teenage, I used to think a lot, went into the spiritual phase, loved good things and bad things together, questioned many religions, experienced things that I never imagined, was lost in the life’s run, and what not. But these experiences taught me one important lesson which was, “why are we here?” I learned that we come to this world and play one important role which is doing good! Whether it’s with people, in activities, organizations, animals, society, or what so ever exists in this world. All we have to do is be good and do good.

Life is short and if we spend it in thinking negative, doing things that won’t benefit anyone including ourselves, waste our time in sleeping and being unproductive all the time, it will harm us. It will not just bring us bad image but also depress us! And who wants that? Just get up and move. It’s time to do good, for the world and yourself. We are here for one reason which is, to play a role. And the role should leave a positive impact because we want to be remembered with a good name. So yeah, that’s my answer. Feeling so accomplished yet so much to learn 🙂 God bless us all!

-Arsh Azim

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