Adultery by Paulo Coelho: Book Review

Adultery by Paulo Coelho- Book Review by Arsh

So finally, after one and a half year, I have finished this damn book :O Can you believe it? And imagine what too me so long to finish it! I am a kind of person who starts the book in the morning and finishes it by the night and never starts another book until the first is finished. So yeah, you can’t imagine me starting another book skipping this one when I’ve already read the fist page of it.

Okay, let’s skip the history part and come to the review part. Overall, this book is about a woman who commits adultery and then realizes who she really is. As the line on the back of it already says, “Sometimes you’ve to lose yourself to discover who you are,” this is what she ends up with. She is bored of her daily routine, try to explore something new besides having a very loving husband and ideal kids, along with a great career. She questions this perfection and ends up getting back with her high school’s boyfriend who is an admirable politician when she meets him back, and bam! She makes mistakes. But at least she learns from them. She regrets what she does and gets back to her normal life.

About the story, it’s pretty much English, and by English, I mean what they show in the movies. In the beginning, it’s very slow but runs in the end. I usually read Paulo Coelho to get inspired but this one disappointed me! A totally random story that didn’t click me at all and THIS is the reason I got bored of it and stopped reading it in the middle. In fact, I thought over a hundred times in my hard to ask someone to read it for me. Yeah, THAT bored and tired of it!

I mean, there should be a story which is NOT common. And Paulo always comes up with things out of imaginations. This is not his style. Or maybe it’s the one that never came before. Anyways, as far as my recommendation is concerned, it’s not worth a read. Wastage of time for those who’re happy or unhappy with life (doesn’t matter much TBH). I think, I have wasted my time since I already know the lesson it has in it which is, “no matter how much you try to change your routine, explore new things, get tired of schedule and move towards wrong doings, you’ll regret it later and feel guilty about making mistakes.” This is the lesson I got from it and to be very honest, I already got that lesson ages ago and hence never do things that’ll make me regret later. Okay maybe sometimes, but not the things that are unforgiven. LOL. Any ways, this opinion is totally personal and some people might like the book though. It’s just about one’s own taste.

Here’s my favorite paragraph from the book.

Adultery Paulo Coelho Fav Paragraph by Arsh

Going to start another book tomorrow which looks positive. Definitely going to share the review once done. So, until then, cheers 😉

Arsh Azim

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