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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 12

Does what I wear Reflect who I am by Arsh

This question is going to be very controversial and I am warning you that before proceeding to this post, you should empty your mind from religious, personal, judgmental, or whatever thoughts you’ve been surrounded by all your life and think straight and to the point and ANALYZE with your EMPTY brain that what is right and what is wrong. If not, please close the page and do what you’ve been doing before clicking on this link. Clear? Let’s proceed!

So let’s start this much-awaited question that I have been wanting to answer since LONG. To be honest, it’s not even 1% of what I want to deliver but if I go too deep, no wonder this world will kill me 😀

Does What I wear Reflect who I am?

Who am I? It’s the first question that strikes my mind every time I think about myself. First of all, a human being just because I am breathing, living, talking to other people, can think, and totally differentiate between right and wrong with my very own brain and not what others do or follow (including my close family members, no offense.) What would a human being do? I have already explained this question in my last post but the words were different (why are we here?). What religion do I follow? A religion that keeps my Faith strong enough in Whom I worship, something that keeps me bold and confident about myself and human rights, a study that clarifies my thoughts every now and then, that shows a clear understanding of what is wrong and right and what to follow and avoid, and the school of thoughts that I randomly follow whenever I feel the need of it. And this religion has taught me one very important thing, “everything I do is between me and my God, I will be sleeping in my own grave, answering my own questions on the judgement day so whatever you think about me, keep it to yourself, and if you think I am wrong, tell me in person. If I don’t agree with what you say, consider me bad in your heart and leave me ALONE! I can think for myself and if you’re my well-wisher, just pray for me.

Ok so now, let’s come to the point and the real question which is, does what I wear reflect who I am? Let’s suppose I am wearing shorts and walking around in public. There are people who’ll ignore me and there are those who’ll stare at me, while a few will look at me judging that I am some random “free” woman who does whatever she wants to do (I am using very POLITE words here because if I say what they’ll REALLY think, it’ll be just abusive and I don’t want to use that language at all.) Now let’s suppose I am wearing Hijab and Abaya and am in the same place. What people would see is a very decent woman, or maybe someone who just takes care of her image, body, religion, or whatever and is trying to protect herself, a very religious woman who prays 5 times a day and is following her religion, a saint, a woman suppressed by family to wear that specific outfit and go in public or else not, and what not. These are a few of many thoughts that will hit a human’s brain.

Now let’s say I am wandering in normal casual clothes, not showing much of my body, just keeping it casual and wandering around. While the next day, I am totally the opposite, am in my formal office wear, carrying a branded bag, walking in high heels in the exact same place. What would that reflect? NOTHING, people. just NOTHING! I can wear whatever I want and that’s nobody’s business. Okay, I have to wear things that’ll look good on me, would make me look decent but TRUST ME, it reflects NOTHING about me. It’s just reflecting the situation at that moment.

Would you go ahead and judge my personality by seeing what I wear? Then trust me, you’re very low and need to work on UNDERSTANDING human beings in general first, and then me. No, I do not reflect myself by what I am wearing but instead, reflecting a scenario/situation or whatever you want to call it. Wearing a bikini to the beach won’t make me a slut (which I assume many of you would say if you see such a woman), wearing a gown in the prayer room won’t make me a Muslim, wearing a scarf in the Church won’t make me a Christian and the list goes on. I believe, whatever one wears never reflect who they are. A person/human being is DEEP and to look into him, we don’t have to judge him/her by just what he/she wears. That’s nothing. So no, what I wear doesn’t reflect me or anyone in this world. There are people who’d tell me, “Oh, you’re wearing jeans and t-shirt with no scarf and I’ve seen Muslims covering their head. Aren’t you a Muslim and shouldn’t you be doing that?” Well, no, I’d do what my heart says is right. Not wearing a Hijab won’t make me a non-Muslim nor would covering my head make me a true Muslim. I’d wear what my heart tells me and what the situation is, and it doesn’t reflect if I am a passively aggressive person, a casual cheerleader, or just a random human being who minds her own business.

Whoops. I said a lot. Well, there’s more to come, but not going to add it to the series. Maybe, some other post on how to mind one’s own business 😉

Until then!

Arsh Azim



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