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Rice Scrub and Body Cream by Rituals Cosmetics

Rice Scrub and Body Cream by Rituals Cosmetics by Arsh

Though I am not a cosmetics fan but there are a few essentials that one must use once in a while. Rituals is a newly cosmetic store opened in Mall of the Emirates Dubai and I got this box of basic body essentials a few weeks back from Shehzeen through one of her campaigns (all thanks to her). If it was me, I’d never buy something new, since my skin is allergic to almost everything, it breaks out when I use new stuff, I have mild eczema and severe sensitivity. But to be honest, I tried this Rice scrub and body lotion on my hands and feet as a manicure pedicure process and trust me, it was way beyond good.

Rituals Rice scrub and Lotion by Arsh

So let’s begin on how it works. All you’ve to do is take a small amount and scrub it through your hands and feet in a way that feels like you’re giving it a massage, for like 5 minutes, wash it off, put on the lotion and that’s it. It’s a total 6 minutes process but will leave your hands and feet pretty smooth and shiny. Honestly, I felt a nice change and now I use it at least once a week and try to keep up with it but sometimes, make it once in two weeks (just because I’m lazy).

Rituals Cosmetics by ArshI also got two more products: a frizz control shampoo that I didn’t use yet since I am VERY protective about my hair and stick to one shampoo at a time, but I am definitely going to use it and let you know just in case if it’s good. If not, forget that I ever mentioned it here 😀 Other than that, there was this shower gel that N used and he said it’s good. I, on the other hand, can’t use it yet since I am already on medicated shower gel (due to eczema) but once I am done with that, I am going to give it a shot 😉

Rituals Carpe Diem Shampoo by Arsh

You can buy the whole box from their store in Mall of the Emirates, or can try one thing at a time. Their Dao collection is what I loved too and once the one these ones are finished, I am getting this Dao Scrub since it’s all sugary and smells HEAVEN!

Rituals Zensation shower gel by Arsh

Chalo ji, I am done for today. If you’ve used any of their products, do tell me about it. Would love to know how it made you feel 😛 Bye bye! 🙂

-Arsh Azim

6 thoughts on “Rice Scrub and Body Cream by Rituals Cosmetics

    1. Exactly. Their lotions are damn good! Didn’t try their tea yet but definitely getting now 😀 Sticking to them for lotions and scrubs though. Sure, will check your blog out 🙂

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