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Monthly Picks: August Release

Monthly Picks- August Release by Arsh

Whoops! My vacations are over and I am back to working actively, same routine, office>home>workout>chores>blah blah! This month is pretty much interesting and active, it was N’s birthday and I planned a surprise party for him about which he had NO IDEA (he never celebrated his birthday in party form so I wanted this one to be special), and we had a BLAST! Other than that, I completely relaxed in my vacations, took a break from everything, gave myself some time, met old friends, went to cafes for random coffee and sitting, drove around, shopped, and what, not 😀 Apparently lived my days my way! 😛

Birthday cake

So much happening this month and I’m overwhelmed, to be honest. So thankful to God for everything, alhamdolillah! Anyways, just check out my this month’s picks.

Books: Totally hooked to this book I purchased recently (yes, back to buying and reading schedule) “Princess” by Jean Sasson and it’s based on a true story of Saudi Royal Family. The plots are very amusing and you’d be amazed to know the life of Kings of Saudis, how they lived, how different they were from now, how women besides being from Royal family were caught like caged birds and what not. I personally loved it (yes, finished it yesterday). It gave me knowledge and understanding of how they were, definitely reviewing it on the blog this week!

Princess by Jean Sasson

Food Place: Heard about Gola Ganda? If Asian, then yes! Ever tried it in Dubai? If not, must check out Killby cafe that’s newly opened in Discovery Gardens. I specifically went there for Gola and now it’s regular. Didn’t try the food there so I have no idea but their kulfi falooda and gola are the BEST and that’s the only thing I go for, there!

Gola Ganda Killby Cafe

Jewelry Item: Chockers are back in action but I didn’t buy it until bro-in-law saw this one at Naif souq and brought it for me. I can wear it in hands and neck, both! Yay! 😀

Chocker by Arsh

Makeup Pick: Loving this Argan Oil from Izil Beauty. It’s 100% natural. I have started using a drop on my face as a moisturizer every night, a drop on my hair after every wash, and I can see some GREAT definite changes on my skin and hair. My hair has become softer and less dry (besides humidity) and skin is glowing with NO BREAKOUTS! Believe me! Detailed review up soon! This month’s favorite is definitely this product.

Izil Argan oil by Arsh

Movie Watch: Went to watch Rustom this weekend. The movie is based on true story and so I liked it. The pitch was good, the story was catchy, worth a cinema shot for me at least!

New thing to Try: Don’t wanna brag but bought my very first plant (Aloe Vera) for two reasons. 1. I want to be responsible and take care of something else, and 2. Needed Aloe Vera for my face 😉 Definitely see it growing and love taking care of this one 😛 (Just BTW, I do have one indoor flower plant but it was basically gifted so doesn’t count in buying a responsibility 😀 )

Outfit of the Month: New one again. Thought to share one favorite outfit every month that’s good to go for any random day! This one is semi casual. Details mentioned on the image.

Outfit of the Month by Arsh

Sketch of the month: Here’s the 3rd sketch that’s worth sharing 😉 Like it? Nai? Acha </3

Charcoal Sketch by Arsh

TV Show: Have you guys seen Baby Daddy? That day, I saw it’s Ad on TV and I was like, “okay it seems funny so let’s watch it.” I and N started watching it and now we are so hooked to it that every night, we watch 2 episodes before bed 😀 It’s a light, funny sitcom and I’m sure you guys will love it. Nah, not telling you the story 😛

That’s all!

See ya next time, lovelies!

-Arsh Azim

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